The Indomitable Arsenal, why we love them.

A name synonymous with armory, and depicting firepower, that is the Arsenal Football Club. Under Arsene Wenger’s current reign, Arsenal has been playing an attractive brand of football. Possessive, sleek and passing the ball around with ease. Passing the ball so effortlessly, probing patiently for a chance, and scoring bucket of goals. Arsenal has been the benchmark for attacking and exciting football in the Barclays Premier League, despite the lack of silverware in recent years.

Swashbuckling style of play aside, the Arsenal has been consistently producing prodigious talents from its famed youth academy under Arsene Wenger’s management.  Ashley Cole, Cesc Fabregas and Alex Song are but some of the many who succeeded at making a breakthrough to the Arsenal first-team squad. Even players such as Fabrice Muamba and Steve Sidwell who were previously from the Arsenal youth set-up before moving on to other clubs are garnering praise for their performance, reflecting well on the skills gained by training at the youth academy. It is gratifying to be able to see youngsters integrated in the Arsenal culture from a young age, and go on to achieve relative success due to the training undergone at the Arsenal Academy.

But what matters most is not the style of play, nor the ability to consistently churn out quality football players. Instead, it is the heart and passion of the players on display during matches which strikes spectators the most. Watching the Arsenal team play their hearts out, week in and week out, sticking to their philosophy of beautiful football has been of an upmost scintillating experience. Watching a display of determination, and an unwillingness to give up in face of adversity. These actions inspire fans to replicate the same spirit displayed by the Arsenal. A display of burning desire to do well and not let the fans down, that is the Arsenal, my Arsenal Football Club.


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