Arsene sings the same tune, “Future’s bright”, what’s new?

Good night to my fellow Gunners, after 3 hectic weeks of transiting to the sunny island Singapore, and settling down work and accommodations after going to be based  here for the next 2 months and a half at least. I realised some of my fellow gunners have been messaging me in Facebook about my disappearance. Thanks for the concern, I am fine! I am abashed to say that I have in fact not log in to my account because I relocated, and FB refuses to let me log in without verifying myself with either my phone secret questions answer. Stupid FB, if I am in a different country how the hell am I suppose to use my original number to verify my log in. Bah.

I have finally found some time to make a proper post about Arsenal, oh boy did I miss writing about the club we all love. So what’s new today? Well, after the exploits in the Carling Cup, Arsene has been talking up our youths, especially with the abundant of talents in midfield.

So, whats my grief with that? Well, we have been hearing about how Arsenal is going to dominate the future with Fabregas, Flamini, Bentley, Adebayor (He came young), Clichy, Reyes, and many more. But the most success we have ever tasted with these youngsters was probably the reserve league title. Arsene cannot simply state over and over again about how the future is bright, not after 6 barren years. The time for youth has passed, the policy nearly paid dividends, but Arsenal always falls short at the last minute.

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing our youth prospect thrive. In fact, I still keep a look out on youth players on loan from time to time, even posting about them. However, it has become somewhat of a broken tune to hear about our future looking good, with no silverware to show for it. What probably tipped the bucket was seeing our jewel in the crown, Fabregas, leaving. I had the greatest hope of seeing the lad lift a trophy up for us, alas to no avail. Instead, he went to Barcelona for a cut-throat price, and we are left to start all over again.

Instead, we are left waiting patiently for Diaby, who got injured yet again, to recuperate and start showing us what he is capable of. Frankly, I adore the lad. Lanky, powerful, skillful. He has the makings of a great box-to-box player, but his endless streams of injury keeps on hampering his development as a player. This after spending a long time waiting for him to show his worth. So, I am wrong for being skeptical?

I would love to be proved wrong obviously, and I can only hope that Arsene Knows.

Onto tomorrow’s match, Arsene has insisted Wigan are not to be taken lightly. At this point, no opponent can be taken lightly. We have a fight on our hands to snatch the 3rd/4th spot from the cunts-wannabes, Spurs. Only by winning can we force them to look above us AGAIN, and envy Arsenal for playing in the CL yet AGAIN. Watch out you spurs.

I would have to see Oxlade featuring tomorrow ahead of Arshavin, but the Boss believes we need to take it slow with the OX.  Unfortunately, if the lad keeps up his display as he does almost every time he plays, I think Arsene’s hand would be forced. Maybe Arsene is afraid of a burnout, and doesn’t want to see the OX injured like Wilshere did.

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