Arsenal 0-1 Man City | Good display, pity about the loss and Frimster’s shirt.

Work’s been a bitch, hence the lack of posts. But after yesterday’s display, the youngsters really deserve some commendation, so here’s some time out to praise those who deserve some praise.

As the squad walked out of the tunnel, it became obvious that there was a huge difference in strength. It was billionaires toy vs Arsene’s kids.

Kick-off it was, and did we give the billionaires a ride for their money. Oxlade-Chamberlain was impressive, working really hard, and his direct approach was proving effective. The Ox could even have nicked himself a goal if not for brilliant goalkeeping by Costel Pantilimon. In terms of pickability, I would chuck Arshavin aside and tell him to buck up. Not playing enough games is a poor excuse. Ox has been playing mainly reserve games, which occurs as frequently as Arshavin starting a game. If the OX can show some worth despite lacking games, why can’t the older and more experienced player do it too.

Another one who deserve a shout out is Frimpong. He hasn’t been playing much recently either, but on the pitch his energy was abundant. He hassled, and bossed the midfield like a, like a boss! If rumours about him going out in January on loan are true, then I say we can prepare to see the Frimster challenging for a first team spot next season.

I like how the picture above is so misleading that it seems that Frimster is showing Nasri “Bench” . SIT ON THE BENCH AND ROT $AMIR NA$RI.

Anyway, we were performing so well, when we were dealt a sucker punch. Out of nowhere, from attacking a corner, it was cleared, Man Cunteh broke away, Aguero was passed the ball, and made a fine finish. The pace of the ball was too much and Fabianski couldn’t get a hand to it. So there you go, a remainder of no matter how we display, as long as we don’t take our chances, and defend stoutly, we can lose.

So there, 0-1 it was. All in all I am stuck in between feeling relieved and sad. We are starting to find momentum in the league, and fatigue was fairly obvious in last week’s game against Fulham. So maybe an exit would probably be for the best, as the further we go, the more likely Arsene would play our strongest team. Yet, this competition represented our best chance of a trophy, and to see it slip away is somewhat depressing. Hopefully, we shall prevail in other competitions. For now, well done young gunners, and screw you Nasri and Toys.


3 thoughts on “Arsenal 0-1 Man City | Good display, pity about the loss and Frimster’s shirt.

  1. the mistake on that macht is from wenger, becouse before 70minutes let him change shamack out and take gavino in am very sure that we have beat m/city. for me i realy blame the couch becouse is his weekness.

    • in every macht when chamack is not in conferm that we can wind the game but when he is in we cant wind the game i realy don’t know why? not that am blaming him but am telling the trought, becouse he is our player but we need a very quick and shap player like robbin vanparsi and young player alex ox. thanks for that am an arsenal fun in south sudan.

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