Norwich 1-2 Arsenal: No Van do without Robin

Hello again, my post has been a long time coming, what with a hectic work schedule, and the dearth of news during the international break. It was a sad moment when I had to forfeit watching a televised game for the first time this season, as I was on the road yesterday. The 7 hours flight was sure bumpy, and the promised live text on board from BBC wasn’t even updating the scores at all. Stupid airplanes.

Anyway, to my delight, when I finally managed to check the score, the Arsenal has prevailed yet again, after recovering from a Mertesacker mistake to coast to a 5th straight victory, and back-to-back victories on the road. As of now, Arsenal is 6th, sharing the same points with Chelsea and Sp*rs, who has 2 games in hand. I am looking forward to Aston Villa dumping some misery on the pretenders from London, oh boy yes I am.

Anyway, I won’t be doing my customary players ratings, because I haven’t watched the match. What we can all say, is the usual BS. Ostensibly, we are still prone to that lapse in concentration while defending, and always concede a poor goal. However, we are yet again rescued by the brilliance of a Van Persie. What yesterday’s game has shown is simple. Our success hinges on the shoulders, or rather his legs, of Van Persie.

I am not dismissing the others players for a lack of effort. Highlights showed that everyone tried and much chances were created. As long as we won the game no one would remember those missed chances. I for one can’t name any easy miss yesterday. Oh wait Gervinho’s dallying……. never mind what I said. To be fair, I watched highlights, it’s totally different from watching a live game.

So it continues, a good win, on the road. The resurgence of Arsenal continues, with a heavily in-form Van Persie leading the way. His 2 goals plunder yesterday takes his tally to 10 goals in his last 5 games, a ratio of 1:2. Highly impressive, and close to overtaking Bergkamp in my heart. ARRRRRRRRRGH, Sorry for I have blasphemer-ed, of course Bergkamp is still the king in my heart.

As it stands, there is no way but up now, because we have Robin, because we Van.


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