Jack’s in for life.

A gunner since young, still a gunner now, gunner till forever?

In an age whereby all sense of loyalty is thrown into the dumpster, it is somewhat relieving and heart-warming to hear Jack Wilshere pledging everlasting loyalty to the Arsenal. Any players can say it, and most of the time we all know the badge kissing antics was probably just a show to win over the fans. A certain Torres said he would never play for another club in England besides Liverpool, and right now he is languishing at Chelsea, scoring a grand total of 3 league goals so far. Karma is a bitch, and it will bite right back at you.

When such a statement comes from a player who has been at the club since a tender age, you can’t help that there is really a sense of attachment to the club, and that player is not bullshiting you when he says he wants to stay for life. Sure, Wilshere is still young, and might grow disillusioned with the lack of trophies as he ages. Yet, if the club is continuously improved, and newer players are brought in to complement the likes of Van Persie and Wilshere, then I don’t see why we should not be challenging for silverware in the years to come.

Even now, the players bought during the summer has been paying dividends already. Mertesacker, may not have solved our set pieces woes, but he has brought depth to the team. We can now afford to rotate our players and keep them fresh for games. The giant’s performance may not be superb, but he has been trying and I believe will be a cornerstone of our defense when he finally adapts to the team.

Arteta too, has proved to be the clog in the midfield engine room. He is no Fabregas, but he has been growing over the past few games. Keeping the ball, spreading the ball out to players, ensuring possession is kept. His work is so under-rated, as some people expect him to produce the assists and goals that Fab did for us. People should watch games properly, and realise that Arteta works really hard to win the ball back, and pass the ball around. I will admit, I for one was disappointed with his lack of attacking intent, but his movements in the past few weeks has been convincing me that he does a far more important task at the moment. Arsene himself has admitted Arteta’s importance in retaining possession, so I am not sprouting rubbish.

There is still Park Chu Young, Santos, Benayoun, Chamberlain. All these players have showed glimpse of their abilities, and emphasises the point that players like them would help the team in challenging for honours, and convince Wilshere that there is no reason to leave. Now that we have our, if not a star already, future star in the making on board till he retires, let’s make sure that the lad has a team he can be proud to play for.

With Wilshere on board, all that’s left at the moment is for Van Persie to sign on the dotted line. I will be waiting patiently for the good news.


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