Team news for match against Chelsea

Arsenal’s AGM took place yesterday, and owner Stan took the stand to address the fans, and to clearly disgruntled fans who want the American out, he reassures he will be around to be that thorn in your skin.

Yadayada. I am not really fussed with what went about in the meeting, cause simply, talk is cheap. The owner and his peers could go on all day outlining plans for the future, downplaying fears we have no cash, but nothing concrete is happening at the moment. One moment Juan Mata was ours, next thing you know he’s at Chelsea. If come January, and Stan backs his words with some big spending, I will be sure to take more notice of what he says. Until then, don’t mind me for taking everything he says with a pinch of salt.

There is also whispers that RVP is in talks about a new contract, again, great! But, so was Nasri, for the best part of 6 months. So we can in talks all we want, but if the signature never appears on those dotted lines, again, forgive me for taking this news with a pinch of salt. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to hear news about RVP being in talks and all, but after all we been through for the last 6mths with the Nasri saga, it has become somewhat of a norm for me to be skeptical of such news.

Anyway, for some team news. Vermaelen is in the squad for tomorrow’s match. However, the Boss has stated that the Belgian might not play as the match might be at a intensity level too high for someone who has just returned from injury. I have to agree with the Boss on this one. We don’t want Vermaelen to get injured so soon after recovering. It’s imperative that our Belgian is managed properly so that he is available for the remainder of the season.

Jenkinson has a slight slight chance of making it tomorrow, with the Boss leaving it to a late fitness test for the youngster. It would be good to have a natural right back playing, but if he isn’t ready, putting Jenkinson in the game might be counter-productive and prove a hazard to us instead. So fingers crossed if the youngster do feature it is because he is at 100%.

At left back, we can expect to see Santos carry on as Gibbs remains injured. Gibbs is perpetually injured. If Stan wants to keep his word, I say go out and splash the cash on a new left back. There are currently only 2 players able to deputise at left back, with one somehow getting injured once every 3 weeks. This doesn’t bode well for a team now fighting for the 4th spot. Santos is still prone to the occasional show-boating, which can cost us points now and then.

Tomorrow’s game is of immense importance. Winning would boost confidence and send out a message that Arsenal have truly turned the corner. It is also important to take points off potential Champions League opponents. Arsene hopes it would be an attacking game and that it would play to our advantage. Considering our porous defense, I am sure the game would be attacking by all means, whether it is 1-sided or evenly matched.

So that’s about it today, and for some transfer news, Aneke is wanted on loan by other clubs, while we are on the supposed look out for a Ryan Bennett. Till tomorrow then!


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