Arsenal 2-1 Bolton, Onward, Forward!

When you looked at the team announced for yesterday’s match, and YoungGons being spot on with his information about Yennaris and Miquel starting in the full-back position, there is no wrong in admitting that I was doubtful of getting a win yesterday. And based on the struggles of putting picture to commentary, I did say we just about nicked it. Here’s a match report by someone who was at the match, and match goals videos kindly provided by Arsenal.

Having seen the highlights, I still agree that we were lucky to be let off the hook really. Our two young fullbacks showed inexperience and were completely overwhelmed by Kakuta and Pratley at times. However, some decent keeping, and poor decisions and touches played to Arsenal’s advantage in preventing Bolton from getting another goal. It even took a good tackle from Ryo to put Gary Cahill off nearing the end of the game for Cahill’s shot to skew over the bar from 5 yards out.

Overall, it was a good team performance for those who should have shown, and a good experience for those youngsters. Players like Miquel would do well to learn that this is what it is like to face top flight players, and not be so awestruck in the future. Coquelin and Frimpong in particular, were shown to be losing the ball rather easily at times in midfield. However, their energy served them well in their desire to chase and get the ball back. Yet, having not seen the full match I am in no position to be critical.

Up front, Arshavin scored a goal and played a beautiful pass to Park to assist him in the second goal. Typical of our diminutive Russian, who probably loves Katy Perry’s song ‘Hot & Cold’, considering that’s how he is performing at the moment. However, if he can provide just that moment of inspiration at least once every game, I will be contented.

Despite his contributions, if you look back at the replay over and over again, you would be wondering why didn’t he release the ball earlier. I know most of you would be screaming at me offside, but in actual fact Park was onside when Arshavin had the ball. That moment in hesitation caused Park to be offside, but our Korean quickly got back onside and in a good position before Arshavin passed him the ball.

Now, Arshavin’s goal was pure directness, quick feet and a crisp finish to boot. Park’s was one that reminded me of a certain Thierry Henry. The movement of the ball, curling past the keeper, into the right of the goal. Pure beauty. It just goes to show that Park has the ability to score goals, and against top flight oppositions at that.

Nonetheless, based on audio commentary, Park was caught offside numerous times in the first half. Perhaps his communication with the players have not  been established yet, so he always jump off the gun too early. That said, highlights have also shown the numerous times Park threatened Bolton’s goal, and his shots were not easy to save by all accounts. So really looking forward to seeing the Korean feature more, especially after Arsene’s declaration of Park being ready for League games. BRING ON CHELSEA!

Towards the end, Vermaelen got injured, and fears were that a spell on the sidelines was imminent. However, the Belgian has allayed fears, and said it was just cramps. However, I wouldn’t throw him into the fray against Chelsea just yet. I would rather lose the game against Chelsea, than to lose our best defender for another long time. The Belgian has expressed his delight in making a good comeback, and so are we.

In other news, RVP is encouraged by Gervinho’s performance, and Mertesacker is in the mood to fight for 4th spot. Frankly, other than relishing the 2-1 victory which sees us one step closer to the mickey mouse cup, and being able to see our young players play more games. I am afraid I am not in the mood for anything more. So, taht’s about it for now, maybe a loan watch tomorrow. Till then, cheerios!


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