Arsene talks Koscielny and others, team news update for match against Stoke

Ahead of tomorrow’s match, Arsene has given his routine interview and gave his take on many things, regarding Koscielny, Szczesny, winning games and many others.

After Koscielny’s commanding display in France, Arsene has lavished praise on the centre back saying that he expects Kosher to be a brilliant centre back. If he keeps it up, well sure. What makes a great player from an average player is the ability to perform consistently.So really, one game does not make a genius, two games does not make a champion, and 3 games..well you get the drift.

Kosher himself has acknowledged his performance, but wants to build up from there, both individually and collectively as a squad.Well said lad, keep up the humility and repeat your performance against Stoke.

Some team news by Arsene has revealed that Jenkinson is out, as we all know, along with Gibbs.Vermaelen and Diaby are also 2-3 weeks away from a return, but let’s not keep our hopes up for the latter.With all injuries, the battle for right back is between Djourou and Koscielny at the moment. Personally, I say keep Koscielny where he is excelling at, and place Benayoun at the right wing. The industrious midfielder is quite hardworking and can provide Djourou with some added protection by willing to track back and defend. But we shall see what the Boss do tomorrow I guess.

Szczesny’s improvement has left a deep impression on Arsene, and the believes he can only get better. At this rate, Szczesny would soon be on Man Cunteh, Barcelona and Chelsea wishlist. Barcelona would say Szczesny’s grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather used to play for Barcelona and hence has Barcelona DNA. Man Cunteh and Chelsea would each offer a spaceship individually and hope to lure Szcezsny to the dark side.

Tomorrow’s game is to our advantage, as Stoke has just played in europe too, and may be suffering from fatigue. However, Arsene has admitted that though Van Persie is a superb player, he is most likely to be rested some time soon, and possibly for tomorrow’s game.

Now, without Van Persie, I want to draw your attention to some statistics in the match against Marseille. Apparently, Arsenal attempted 32 crosses into the box for that game, and had virtually 0 (well one if you want to include the lucky touch by Gervinho from Djourou cross,) successful crosses. If Chamakh is to come on, as our Park seems to be neglected, it would be a real concern. Chamakh’s main asset is his ability to head the ball with his towering height and aerial presence. If 32 crosses didn’t even find its intended targets, then how the hell is Chamakh going to test the opposition keeper?!

For that reason, players like Walcott and Arshavin have to buck up. Their delivery this season have been abysmal, and is going to cause some the loss of precious points in the fight for the 4th spot. Arsene has defended Arshavin, pointing to statistics and saying that Arshavin makes contribution but oppositions parking the bus in front of goal makes it hard for the Russian to excel.

Seriously, the Russian was earning praises for his ability to be creative, possessing great technical skills and being a figure hard to mark. It is his job to unlock defenses with either mazy runs or long shots or through passes. Saying redundant things like how overcrowding makes it hard for Arshavin is completely way off mark. The reason why he is out there is to overcome the opposition strategies of overcrowding the box in the first place.

All said, it would be interesting to see who plays tomorrow, and who gets rested. Fingers crossed a little unknown quality called Park Chu Young features.


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