Relevations of half the squad wanting to leave in summer.

In an interview, Arsene has revealed the not-so-astonishing news that half the squad wanted to leave in the summer. Arsene said:

This summer was the most agitated I’ve ever known. I had half the players in the dressing room who wanted to leave.”

“You prepare a season, we go to Asia, we don’t know who is coming, the players who are still there are asking themselves what is happening and if an earthquake is hitting the club. It’s extraordinarily difficult.

I don’t know about some of you, but I am not surprised by this news really. Amongst those clamouring to leave, the only surprise would be Gael Clichy’s departure. When Arsene mentioned half of the squad, he is talking about bit part players as well, which includes Bendtner, Denilson, Vela, Alumnia.

Fabregas desire to go Barcelona has been well-documented by the press, and Nasri’s falling to the temptation of the spaceship offered by the oil-rich sheiks at Man Cunteh is no surprise too.Arsene continues to explain to fans why he didn’t get replacements for players like Fabregas and Nasri.

You have to be conscious of the fact you don’t find a Fabregas and a Nasri in every corner of the street.”

However, I do agree with Arsene that it is difficult to find a like-for-like player for Fabregas, and to a certain extent, half-a-season Nasri. Chairman Pete has come out and blasted players like Nasri for leaving for the cash. Not true I guess, seeing how Fab took a pay-cut to join Barcelona.

But let’s forget about this saga, and move on already, the transfers have happened, and we can do nothing much about it.

Rosicky has come out to defend himself for “laughing” after Larsson took his free kick. What madness is this? Why the hell is the media paying attention to insignificant things like laughing and not defending a goal. Get a life, and shorten out what is news values and what is not for Christ’s sake. Haven’t you heard laughter is the best medicine? Maybe that was why Rosicky managed to burst right through the middle in the second half and held earned a free kick. And for those of you who missed it, read on my old article on why we should all laugh as Arsenal fans.

More tomorrow on Marseille vs Arsenal preview.


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