A protest? If there’s no stopping it, then make it count + Team updates and news.

News of a protest against the Board, and Arsene is being mooted on Sunday. Certainly, interactions with some fans, online and offline, has got me thinking that some of them do mean serious business. I am not an advocate at the moment, simply because this is really the most crucial period of Arsene’s career.

Do we need an additional distraction for the team, whilst they are clearly struggling and need all the support they can get? Putting Arsene down is as good as saying his team is not good enough, and how is that going to help boost team morale?

However. we can’t fault anyone for wanting to demonstrate due to their love for Arsenal. I for one, would join in the protest. But only if Arsenal is still in this current position in March, and with no clear indication of strengthening the squad in January.

Yet, if persuasions and and debates don’t work, and a protest is still going to happen anyhow, then I say, by god make it count. There’s no point in protesting if you are not going to get anything out of it.

By lord, if there’s only 10 of you in the protest, then the 10 of you can probably get together and dance naked outside the Emirates just to attract publicity. Publicity = Attention, Attention = Media, Media = Being heard. And that’s the all point really, to make your voice heard. Unless you are a multi-billionaire there’s no way in hell you can do anything to force a change in the club. So to you lot going to give hell on Sunday, make sure it is one hell of a protest.

The last of the internationals have been played, and as far as news goes, the Arsenal players all return fit for the match against Sunderland.

So onto injuries news, Vermaelen is still out for another 2 weeks, god forbid any cock ups and we will see him back for the crucial month of November, which is traditionally a poor month for Arsenal. Diaby is also set to return, and might feature in the Carling Cup match against Bolton. It would take a brave man to bet on the Frenchman lasting more than 20minutes in my opinion.

For the right back slot, Arsene Wenger has ruled out moving Coquelin to that spot, and rightly so. Putting the youngster there is a waste of his ability, just as it was putting Alex Song in centre back. However, I think he is massively mistaken when he says we have lots of possibilities there. Players like Djourou and Koscielny have been mooted, but none of them are natural right backs. Defensively sound they may be ( except Djourou ), but none of them have the mobility, pace and crossing to provide any attacking impetus down the right wing.

Furthermore to play Kosher there means to put Song back alongside Mertesacker, and what a waste of the Cameroon’s energy and tenacity that would be.The only player who has a decent cross is Jenkinson, but the youngster is still raw and inexperienced. So what the hell are you going on about Arsene?

2 weeks break, and suddenly Arsene becomes real chatty. Other things mentioned was the possible return of Bendtner, how Chamberlain ain’t ready, no shit Sherlock, and the Mertesacker being a calming influence. Not sure if I agree with the last article though. But the most constructive news has to be that the game against Sunderland is a must win, according to Arsene. Of course it is a must win, we are now fighting for the 4th spot, and every points count!

Finally, lets end with Arshavin admitting his form has been atrocious, and we can expect more from him, some sublime passes and goals. Talk is cheap, so is vodka. So Arshavin, let your feet do the talking, and let me drink the vodka. Cheerio.


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