Indication Arsene is being restricted by the Board?

As news of a bid for Reina being rejected comes out, it gives me a clear sign that Arsenal was willing to splash the cash out last season. I mean, £20m for a decent keeper is a lot of money. He is decent to me by the way, only because we have Szczesny.

However, this season, in the transfer period, reports of moves breaking down at the last minute due to wage issues were the norm. Juan Mata for one, went to Chelsea instead of us, even though Arsenal was reportedly one of the earliest to table a bid for him.

One season we are willing to splash the cash, another we are scrimping on the pennies, and offering minimal fees or wage for players like Juan Mata and Gary Cahill. Baffling isn’t it? I can’t really think of any good reason, other than that the change in ownership has also changed our transfer policies, or Arsene loves to play around with his cash chest.

So if this was to hold true, then regardless of whether Arsene leaves or stay, it doesn’t matter. Because anyone else can come in, but they can’t attract the top players as well if the board restricts and over splurging of transfer fees.

Anyway, that is for the future-Bystander to ponder. Present-Bystander likes to bask in good news, as three of our centre-backs return from injury. Weeeeeeee.Koscielny, Djourou, and Squilaci! The return of 3 centre backs means that Song is able to return to his midfield role, where he performs best with breaking up opposition plays and trying to convert defense into attack. Got to say, I never thought Song would be developing so much as a player. Kudos to the lad.

The last of the international fixtures for this month will be played today, and let’s hope that those on national duty returns unscathed and brimming with confidence from good wins with their national team.

Ahead of the match, Van Persie has called on the lads to respond to recent losses and poor performance with a rousing result against Sunderland.

It is up to us, players and staff, to sort it out on the pitch.’’

Damn right it is. Fans have been paying exorbitant amount to watch these lads play in the famous red and white, and yet we are let down time and again with woeful defending, or half-hearted performance. Why, even my 90 year old granny could probably play with more heart and desire than some of those on the pitch.

One of those who gave me one of my joyous moments watching Arsenal play is Icecool Bergkamp. The non-flying dutchman believes thatArsenal should have gotten Vieira as a coach,

Most people would probably think that Vieira would make a good defensive coach, but what I remember most about our ex-captain was his tenacious performance. Patrick Vieira was not only a holding midfielder, but also an intelligent player, one who could make that decisive pass to players who would do much more damage than him. Let’s not forget how he bullied that midget of a Gary Neville anyway. ” Handball aside, look at the finish.” Piss off Gary.

So anyway, yes, it might have been good having Vieira on board, passing on his knowledge to the kids. But it’s over, so move on and let live.

So that’s about it for today, fingers crossed everyone returns to the squad in one piece. Till then, ciao.


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