The best news to come out of the international break.

The lack of Arsenal news has been met with my inactivity on the site, including my increasing workload. Bosses, don’t you wish you could kill them sometime and replace them as the boss?

The first half of the international fixtures has been played, and it is good to see some of our lads getting game time, getting more exposure, and emerged unscathed so far. Anymore injuries we might have to promote virtually our second team to play for the first team.

Alex Song's Cameroon has not qualified for the African Cups. Source:

Aside from the lack of injuries, the next best news would be Cameroon’s failure to qualify for the AFC in January. This ensures that Alex Song would not be gone for a month and gives us one of our most consistent performer. Say what you will, but the Song has been performing well, both in midfield and at centre back. Yes, there have been some mistakes but that’s all in the past now ain’t it?

It was good to see Park Chu Young scoring 2 goals against Poland for South Korea. I don’t understand why buy the player if you are not prepared to play him. The striker has scored 6 goals in his last 3 international games so far this season, and Poland are no mediocre team. Sad to say his opposition keeper was Fabianski, which doesn’t gives me any confidence should Szczesny injury is worse than first thought.

The Ox was another stand out in his international outing, scoring 3 goals against Iceland. Take it easy, he’s still young, but how I would love to see him tear our opposition defense to shreds. Come on you Ox!

With at least a quarter of the season gone, Mertesacker has reassured the fans that his best is yet to come, as he after all has only just came to Arsenal. I sincerely hope so. I can’t understand how we are contriving to lose so beautifully, but the lads are managing to do it. Scoring goals by the buckets, and conceding goals like a moron. That’s some form of art there, I will tell you this.

Finally, Artety has plead with the fans to stop associating him with Cescy, saying they are two different players. Well, truth is, if he were, I wouldn’t think we would be in the spot we are currently in right now. He is no Fabregas alright, but I wish we could see him more involved in the build up to attacks, and giving more in defending. Still ineffective in the holding midfield role he is currently playing, and not making those passes he used to provide for Tim Cahill at Everton.

So that’s all for tooooooooooooday! Hope for no injuries during the international break, and till the next time. My work is calling me, oh man………


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