Smiling, that ought to help all Arsenal fans.

You know those days when news of Arsenal comes, and they are either bad news, or news with no news value at all? Yeah, this happens to be one of those days.

Let’s see, hmm, Sagna has undergone surgery, great, one more first choice right back to the injury list. The projected return date is in early February, but considering our luck with injuries I would expect it to last the whole season.

Uncanny ain’t it, whereby every season we would have a player out for at least a season. Ramsey, Eduardo, Rosicky, Vermaelen. Of course, there is the undisputed king of injuries, Abou Diaby, for the love of life, I have been unable to recall one season when we had the Frenchman starting the season and not ending it, or vice versa, or not starting the season at all.

But wait! That’s not all, as another comrade has joined in the merry making in getting injured. I present to you, future-Arsenal-captain wannabe, Szceszny. For those unclear on what i mean, have a read here. Should RVP ever leave, and Szcezsny has played at least 400 first team games, I wouldn’t mind the captaincy being handed to our young pole in all honesty. But I am digressing. The stopper has pulled out of the international squad, but it is unclear how serious or how long the keeper would be out. Good times.

Arsenal personnel showing you how to smile

So what’s there to smile at? Well, research has states that smiling, even if you don’t mean it, still helps with the mood and heart. So, smile, even if its cold and mirthless , at the ridiculous amounts of injuries that is mounting at the private hospital called Arsenal FC.

There’s something you could really smile at though. Arsenal and Spurs are working together, to weed out those idiots who were chanting way too abusive songs on Sunday. Now, friendly banter is acceptable, Nasri being a cunt is acceptable, but I don’t think it is nice to make fun of death of any personnel, even if that person happens to be a cunt called Joey Barton.

But back to the point of smiling, this is real good. Arsenal and Spurs huh? Working together huh? Wow, I never thought that the footballing gods could play a sicker joke than this. Losses by the bundles, to our London rivals Manchester United and Spurs, loss of key players like Fabregas, loss of more key players through injuries like jack wilshere. Now you got the two clubs working together? Hahahahaha. That’s a real laughter that came out of pure frustration and delirium.

Okay. Fuck this smiling therapy. It ain’t helping me, that’s for sure. I will just turn to some positive news from Arsenal to cheer me up.

For starters, Coquelin, who has been impressive so far, has showed his humility and says he has a long way to go and will work hard to reach the top. Now, that’s what you call a true humble footballer. Stupid players like Diarra, who is warming the bench at Real Madrid now, and David Bentley could have achieved so much more if only they had humility to work hard, and can the IF-YOU-DON’T-PLAY-ME-I-WILL-CRY attitude. Fingers crossed Coquelin continues to improve by leaps and bound, and one day be the midfield engine of Arsenal.

Song said that we needed to win every single game to make a come back. Unrealistic as this may sound, it is also equally gratifying. I have issues with players who say this result and that result gives us the confidence to know we are good. What the hell are we, Brimingham? We are THE ARSENAL. Have we retarded so much that every stupid single game is a testament of how great we are?

Saying we need to win every game, and can win every single game, shows real confidence and self-belief.So kudos to Song the man for cheering me up immensely. Why, I feel ready for the league again! Damn these international fixtures!

Oh wait, we are missing Szczesny, Vermaelen, Sagna, Wilshere… Bring on the international fixtures.. Smile. Smile. Smile. Smile…


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