Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal: Proof of Van Der Vaart handballing, and Players ratings

Blasted scrums, blasted referees, blasted Van Der Vaart, blasted handball, blasted team performance.

As per norm, match report can be found here, while I will gloss through the key points.

Arsenal started fairly well, and should have scored when Van Persie skipped away from his marker and cut one back for Gervinho. Our 10m pounds man contrived to hit it wide from 6 yards out, and if you don’t learn to take those chances, then how are you going to win exactly? Come on, at least hit the target for fucks sake.

Then came the hammer blow, a long ball to Van Der Vaart was controlled, with his hand.

Fucking cunt van der vaart handball

IF YOU AREN’T CONVINCED WATCH THIS VIDEO A MILLION TIMES. Wham baam thank you madam. If that ain’t a handball then the fuck what is? The Dutchman was also on a yellow and should have been sent off, much less deserve a goal, the cunt.

Whatever it was, questions have to be asked of the defense. Where was Van Der Vaart’s marker? Why did Sagna allow the cunt to roam free and be left unmarked. At this level again, no one can make this kind of defensive mistake. 1-0 cunty Spurs.To his credit, Sagna was doing decently well it trying to keep Gareth Bale in check, no easy task. Just pisses me off we conceded a goal, which shouldn’t have stood.

Right on, go in to the break trailing one goal down. So the lads come out, and showed some character, played decently. The equaliser arrived after Van Der Vaart switched off, allowing Song to spring to the byline and swing a low cross into the box, Ramsey, who I might say, had a dreadful first half, and poor second half, arrived on time to steer the ball high past Freidel.1-1 Arsene Wenger Red-White Army.

From then on till the 70th min, it was all Arsenal. One way traffic, the cunts couldn’t make it out of their own half for a good 10 to 15 minutes. However, fat lot of good it was. Same old story, having lots of possession, doing fuck lots with it.

Just when you thought we had a foothold in the game, one of our most reliable player got injured. Sagna challenged for the ball, landed on the pitch, knew something was wrong immediately and rolled around in agony. has confirmed it’s a fibula crack, and the Frenchman is going to be out for 3 months. Unless he requires surgery, which would mean a longer time out. Great news, good times, really.

Then came the kick in the teeth. A corner was cleared to Walker, and he wasn’t closed down fast enough. Walker made a hopeful long shot, which seems to be heading straight for Szczesny. Then it swerved and went into the bottom left corner. Szczesny, who made at least 3 great saves, and was my man of the match up till that moment, missed it completely. He should have been able to push the ball away at least instead of catching it, but was completely taken unaware by the swerving ball. The Pole fast reactions means he usually is able to react quickly, so really poor goal to concede for Szczesny. 2-1 Cunts.

After that, I don’t know how, but we managed to hold on to a 2-1 loss.Yes, hold on. Again, Arsenal was unable to show any character, and was rather nervy. We were unlucky to not concede another goal, as opposed to scoring an equaliser.

Yesterday’s match was absolutely fuck all. This team is worrying in all aspects. We can’t seem to defend for our life, marking players or closing them down. It is these simple mistakes which low quality opponents make. World-class teams are able to do their best to stamp out these minor errors, as every one single mistake can be pounced on and punished.

For all our possession, we are sorely lacking another striker or player to make that big step up. According to 7amkickoff statistics, Arsenal are only converting 8% of their chances. What the hell is this suppose to mean?! We paid approximately 30m for players who can play up front and they score for their life?! Why buy park or Chamakh if you ain’t gonna play them, and instead throw Mertesacker up front. FFS.

After the match, there was to be more trouble. Some crying pussy was moaning about how Arsene lacked grace in not shaking his hands. Grow up. If I had to cry over everytime someone refuses to shake my hand I would probably have drowned in my tears.

But nothing could have prepared me for this, Arsene saying this,

I felt again that we didn’t push on enough and let them get back into the game. We lack a little bit of confidence at the moment, and we just need to protect a result when we have one.

WHAT RESULT?! WHAT THE HELL WERE WE PROTECTING. Oh my lord. Did you mean to say we were striving for a draw?! We weren’t even in the driving seat and he says we need to protect the result what in the lord’s name does he means?! You baffle me sometimes, you do Arsene.

For once in my life, I am glad for the international break. For the players who are playing for their national team, they can go win and get some confidence. For the players stuck at home, they better work something out fast. God I need my aspirins. Players rating below.

Szczesny – Many good saves, kept us in the game, especially in that one on one against Cashdebayor. Should have saved Walker’s shot though. 7

Mertesacker – Was clearly troubled by the pace of Tottenham’s front force, and can thank Szczesny for saving us many times. 5.5

Song –  Should have closed down Walker faster to deny him a clear shot, however was assured, and coped well with Tottenham’s attack. . Did well to assist Ramsey, and proved my point about it being a waste not having him in midfield instead. 7

Sagna – Found wanting when Van Der Vaart was in the clear, but dealt admirably well with Gareth Bale. Shame our most consistent and reliable player is out for at least 3 months. 6.5

Gibbs – Did well really, defended well and denied Spurs any space down the right wing. Offered much offensively, really troubling Van Der Vaart.

Ramsey – Despite his goal, was really poor throughout. Made a lot of misplaced passes, and couldn’t really assert himself going forward. 5.5

Arteta – Don’t understand his role in the game, is he supposed to be a deep lying play maker or holding midfielder? Did nothing much of both really. 6

Coquelin – A shining light in yesterday’s match. Gave a performance which bellied his age. Made 1 nice through pass, got stuck in, won the ball many times. Nice hardworking display. 7

Walcott – Mr I-will-drift-out-of-the-game. Always switches off when we are not doing too well. Only remember one shot over the bar from him. 6

Van Persie – Starved of quality service and was relatively quiet. Carved a good chance out for Gervinho though. 6

Gervinho – When you are paid thousands weekly, the least you could do is hit the target. Really needs to hit the ground running soon, nice to watch on the ball and taking on defenders but what use it would be if you didn’t score. 6

Benayoun – Came on to provide cover to Jenkinson, and couldn’t do much. 6

Jenkinson – Didn’t do anything wrong, made some nice crosses. Pity the players never learn to run and run non-stop for the ball to make his crosses count. 6.5

Arshavin – He was on?

7 thoughts on “Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal: Proof of Van Der Vaart handballing, and Players ratings

  1. Arsenal are not exactly innocent of hand ball offenses. I recall a certain game against Liverpool where Gerrard was about to score a free kick in the dying minutes of the game until Fabregas from the edge of the wall, stuck his left arm out to deflect the shot…

    The Van der Vaart goal was from your photo, despite having his arm out, on the left shoulder and could be given either way. I am sure of this was the other way around and it was Van Persie, you would not be calling him a cunt and complaining. Get over it. It was a 50/50 decision and this time didn’t go your way. Arsenal get away with enough to balance it out and have at times had the worst discipline record in the league. To me the cunts in this match were those fans that were chanting about the Team bus getting attacked by terrorists. OK to call Aderbayor names etc. but that was well out of order.

    • Sir, if you are an Arsenal fan, shame on you.

      If you are a Spurs fan, You said it sir, if it was the other way round, i wouldn’t be complaining. But this is an ARSENAL site. So Van Der Vaart is still a cunt. You could watch the video anyway if you are unconvinced.

      However, I agree about the abuse, some abuse are acceptable whereas some are unkind and should not be condone.

      • I can’t complain about the 50/50 sometimes it’s given sometimes its not and even though this is an Arsenal site I won’t have a biased view as that being a game changing moment.
        My biggest grumble however though is that we have players who spurn countless chances on the regular and that i feel is one of our biggest problems.
        I also feel we are too attacking its great having quality fullbacks going forward but i’m starting to feel it leaves us very exposed when teams break down the play and then just counter.
        I also feel we are now going to be very stretched especially at the back when Sagna got injured i said to a friend that this is why we shouldn’t have got rid of Eboue as he is a much better back up than Jenkinson.

      • Everyone is entitled to their view i just said shame on him for saying Arsenal are not innocent of hand ball offenses. Of course we are not, but if it helps us why should we complain lol.

        We didn’t create much clear cut chances yesterday, so no the problem is not that we are too attacking. The problem is we are unable to penetrate opponents. That’s what i reckon anyway.

  2. Hi Arsenal Bystander its Lee C from Forever Arsenal group…I agree with most of what you say and am glad I aint the only one who thinks praise is due for Gibbs and Coquelin…Arteta I would say was suppoed to be dep lie-ing but had opportunity to go forward. Yesterday was the first game he didnt pirouette and pass the ball backwards. Song played well in a makeshift cb partnership. Walcott drifts as he is keeping natural width to the game. I dont think he intentionally physically drifts away. I thought Gervinho could have done better…but strikers of all standing are going to miss the odd one like that. I was more worries about his lack of tracking back in the first half. A good read Mr Bystander.

    • But the thing about Walcott is you can’t see anything from him. He expects those Fabregas’ passes but no one is capable of passing like Cesc did at the moment. Furthermore he was drifting in towards the center of the pitch most of the time yesterday. True Gervinho did not track back as much though, good point raised, but at least he should be hitting the target!

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