Arsene’s 15th year, needs to win.

Arsene Wenger celebrated his 15th year in charge yesterday, and in today’s dynamic football landscape, that is indeed and outstanding period.

Arsene Wenger, leading the way after 15 years.

Throughout his tenure, we have come to expect trophies as the norm, and Champions League as our right. Unfortunately, the last 6 years have made fans disillusioned, as our expectations have not been met.

Arsene acknowledges that fact, and is adamant that we need to start winning games, to win trophies. He says:

I miss winning titles. Very much. You only have one way, to fight and win again.

Arsenal fans want trophies very much. But not so much as we need it now. Players are growing restless at the lack of silverware, and we need silverware to entice quality players. Say what you will, but there has to be a reason why Juan Mata and Phil Jones said no to Arsenal besides lesser wages being offered.

Hence, the fight must begin, and fight we will. There is no better place to carry on the fight, than to do it at the place which reeks of piss. Tottenham are currently on a high, if you could call winning two games in a row a high. There are never any easy match, and particularly against the scrums have we been found having a hard time in recent years.

Players have come out and called for the team to put a good showing tomorrow, saying the win is important as it will show we can win a good team. Arshavin, the lazy bugger for one, has said:

It will give us confidence that we can beat a good team, because Spurs are a good team at the moment”.

A good team? I don’t think so. Since when has those scrums ever been a good team? A good team is one that consistently reaches the Champions League. I for one have never been an advocate of beating some one up to show I am the stronger man. I K-N-O-W I am the stronger man. That’s that. It really shows a lack of confidence in oneself when you have to reassure yourself constantly that you are the better player because you beat someone else weaker. I mean come on, How can the scrums be a really good team to inspire some confidence into the team. We have always been the better team haven’t we fellow gunners?

Confidence gain by beating a team? Definitely though. Winning breeds momentum, and brings less pressure to the players, allowing them to perform better. I wouldn’t call them our strongest rivals, but doing well against our fiercest rivals surely helps boost morale and cheer the fans up. Robert Pires for one, understands what I mean. He says:

“If you have the chance to score against them, it feels great, because it means so much to the Arsenal fans.

With the injuries at the moment, it is highly likely that Song will partner the Giant German Mertesacker at the heart of defense. Not worrying at all, considering their performance against Olympiakos. However, Szczesny has got me worried with this statement about our defense:

It seems to be working because as I said before you can see the team is better organised and we understand each other. “Whoever I play with I try to talk to them the same way. I try to approach the game the same way and it seems to be working.

HOW IS WHAT WE ARE DOING WORKING?! I am utterly bewildered by this claim, as we have conceded way too many soft goals, from many set pieces. By god, I hope their definition of working changes soon., especially against the Scrums.

Moving on to other news, Mertesacker has let known thatArsenal were close to signing him last season, and if only that had happened. Oh well, better late than never. The self-confessed Arsenal fan has also stated his excitement in playing in the derby against the scrums.

I’ve heard a lot about the derbies, especially Arsenal and Tottenham. I’m looking forward to it.

And last but not least, Arsene has claimed that Van Persie is for sale, but only if you call him.

Anybody who wants to sign one of our players can call me. Everybody has my phone number. I don’t know why we are even speaking about transfers. Robin is under contract until 2013.

I would have called you Arsene, but I don’t have your number as you claim we all do! Pretty sure the dialogue would be something like this:

Me: “Hi I want Van Persie but I have got no money.”
Arsene: “Not a problem give me the rights to sign your kids.”
Me: ” I ain’t got no kids mate.”
Arsene: *hangs up the phone*



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