A day for the forgotten, and team news update ahead of Sunday.

Has it ever happened to you when some chaps get mentioned and you go like, who? Well, meet forgotten member number 1, Stan Kroenke. The Arsenal owner has finally stepped out from his American shell, and gave an interview.

Some of the things mentioned has been about how Arsene Wenger is a good manager, and that he is the man for Arsenal. No doubt about that 5 years ago, pretty doubtful now with the drought we been going through.

Nonetheless, it is nice to hear the owner finally speaking up and outlining his plans for the club. Le Boss appreciated the vote of confidence, but really, to be given the guarantee of a job could work as a double edge sword. For one, Arsene could focus more on tactics instead of worrying about his job. Yet, a little pressure would do well to bring out the best in Arsene as well, as he might go that extra mile to ensure his job is secure.

Another forgotten man, Almunia has finally found a new club, albeit on loan. West Ham have signed the Spaniard for one month as back up after Rob Green got himself injured. The keeper is reportedly on a 90 000 pounds per week contract, and not playing of late, has incurred the wrath of fans questioning why are we having such a liability on the books.

So, good deal maybe, in getting rid of him. However, West Ham financial woes probably means that only partial amount of the wages shall be paid, and this loan is only for a month as well. Best of luck to Almunia while he is there still anyway.

Ahead of the match, Arsene has played down the rivalry between the two teams, claiming he doesn’t care whether we are home or away, as long as we are winning. True, and good point as well. But, when we play away and win at the scrums home ground makes it all the sweeter you know. Just saying.

There were also some team updates, with Koscielny set to miss out, whereas Vermaelen return has been delayed. This means Arsene has a decision to make in whether to retain Song at the centre back position, or to draft in Squilaci who is lacking match fitness.

Song’s performance in midweek speaks for itself. He had an outstanding performance against Olympiakos. I have not made a decision yet on what I will do, but he will be one of the solutions.

As in yesterday’s player rating, Song was my man of the match. He played quite well in that position, but his passing has developed much this season, and it would seem such a waste to put our best holding midfielder in the back four. However, injuries just seems to undermine Arsenal, and refuse to allow us to put out our best possible starting eleven.

Walcott and Gervinho are set for late test as well. For Walcott’s place, Oxlade-Chamberlain has clamoured for a starting place against the scrums, The OX may have made an impression in the match against Olympiakos and Shrewsbury, but throwing him into a high pressure game might not be the best idea. Let’s all not forget that the OX was still playing in the League One this time last year.

With all the injuries mentioned above, it is surely yet another poor PR display by Gazidis to inform the fans of Arsenal that we are still strong financially. If that was the case, why were we priced out in terms of offering Juan Mata better wages? If as what Nasri claims, why was Arsene being restricted in his spending power?

Much emphasis has been placed on Financial Fair play, but if rich sheiks are going to throw their money around and sponsor a team with a subsidiary group, I don’t see what in the world will the fair play do. If so, why can’t we just spend the money now, and worry about the rules later when it does come into effect.

I agree that self sustaining is vital, and absolutely better than seeing oil money killing the game. However, I also believe that the extra profit could be better spent. There is no denying that we could use another player or two in the squad. Too late for that anyhow now, until January that is.

I only hope that it is not too late by then to rectify our problems….


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