Why Van Persie should be captain.

So 3 points, 2 goals from Robin Van Persie, and 1 clean sheet. A good game was played, a good win was won.

The match certainly had plenty of talking point, early on Szczesny brilliant save, Van Persie’s first goal, followed by his second, with Walcott the provider, and also Walcott intelligent run which saw him got tugged softly, and resulted in David Wheater being somewhat harshly sent off, and climaxing with a good finish by Alex Song to give Arsenal an emphatic 3-0 win.

However, the game was marred by an injury to Walcott, who by all means, was one of our most dangerous players of the night. The youngster was performing well, and did almost everything I i was screaming at my television for, and that is to run forward regardless of whether he is going to receive the ball or not. The more frequent he does that, the more space will open up as defenders grow unclear whether to mark him tightly or leave him be to spring the offside trap.

Special mention should go to Van Persie, who the Boss lauded, and rightfully so. Our captain has now scored 100 goals for Arsenal,  and has to date scored 26 goals in 31 appearances in the year 2011.

Robin van Persie, the Centurion.

We all have always known Van Persie could score goals, the only problem was his ability to stay injury free and enjoy a long run in the team. No, what should be noticed that is Van Persie seems to have relished being made skipper, and doesn’t seem to be affected by the pressure and responsibility.

Many are still skeptical of Van Persie as skipper, and rightly so. Few strikers have ever led the team and became successful, We have seen how Henry floundered somewhat when made skipper, seeming to drift in and out of games.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Van Persie. Our flying Dutchman shows his maturity in sticking up for his players, and coolness when being confronted by a pack of Trotter cunts. Van Persie has shown he is willing to give the stick to players who perform badly, and not shy from his responsibility as captain.  Testament to his ability to maintain his standards are the 5 goals in 8 games so far.

Focus seems to be the name of his game as well, with Van Persie acknowledging his amazing feat, but refusing to dwell on it. The skipper instead wants to focus on the next match, and bring another victory to Arsenal. Sure, this is all just speeches, but its nice to hear of players knowing that the next game is as important as the last. Remainders now and then do not go astray, and are nice to hear in my opinions.

Furthermore, Van Persie also happens to be one of the longest serving first team player left. He knows what it is like to play for Arsenal, what is Arsenal, what embodies Arsenal. He may not be English, but he damn well is Arsenal through and through.

There are fears that Van Persie contract is set to expire in two years, and that he might not sign an extension, meaning we might have to sell away our  talismanic skipper next season. The striker himself has deepen that fear by establishing that he is not concern about renewing his contract at the moment, understandably due to Arsenal’s hectic schedule.

So while it is a little unsettling to know that we have not secure our flying Dutchman for long term, it is good to know he is still not only an Arsenal player, but also the Captain of Arsenal Football club, for now.

Onto other news today, Wenger has raved about our global appeal, as we have multiple nationalities in the squad.

I believe Arsenal has become, through these players, a worldwide club that is admired everywhere.”

That’s all good and well sir, but it doesn’t count for shit if we going to end up selling those players to Barcelona and Man Cunteh eventually. Just saying.

Andre Santos has signaled his intention to push Gibbs for a first team spot, and I wouldn’t think that would be too difficult given Gibbs’ injury record. Good to know that we have competition in all positions right now though. The Brazilian believes he has an advantage having possess attacking qualities.

That’s definitely one of my strong points – coming up to help the attack and creating chances for them or for myself. But I don’t forget that the first thing a left-back needs to do is defend, especially in a tough league like this.

Defending, such is the fragile state of our defense that every clean sheet has to be glorised. Mertesacker has said he believes that training is starting to pay off dividend, and Bystander says to put a run of clean sheets before talking about any results. It’s funny how things work, just when Wenger was saying how our defense has improved and Koscielny is immense, Arsenal proceed to fuck it all up conceding 4 goals to Blackburn. So mums the word really, until the end of season comes, and we have a decent record for defending to show.

So that’s really about it for today. Apologies for missing yesterday’s post as I had some mates visiting and had to entertain them the whole day, not to mention some bad hangover. Would be doing a loan watch tomorrow as Bendtner is yet to play until tonight, so remember to either check back, or subscribe so that you can have some information on how the young Gunners are performing while on loan! Cheers.


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