Backline getting decimated by the days, as another casualty joins the injury list.

Ahead of tomorrow’s match, Arsene has given his pre-match conference, and gave the updates on injuries.

The only good news yesterday was that Vermaelen and Diaby are slated for a return in about two to three weeks, but the medical team has been getting our dates wrong so often I would be inclined to be skeptical. As for Sagna, he has recovered from his injury, and should be in the team tomorrow. That’s the only return we can expect.

As is with Arsenal of late, when one player returns, a few gets injured. So joins Djourou to the list as well. The big Swiss suffered muscular injuries and is out for tomorrow’s match. At this rate, it would means that the only senior player fit for the centre back position is …… Alex Song. Yes, a midfielder.

I guess some of you might be complaining that we should have gotten both Gary Cahill and Mertesacker, but we didn’t and that is a fact. No point dwelling on the lack of cover for our centre backs, and fingers crossed that none of our centre backs get injured prior or during tomorrow’s match. I guess Djourou injury would mean that Ignasi Miquel would have a place on bench tomorrow to provide some cover.

Wenger has also emphasised that defense is not solely the back four’s responsibility, and rather the team’s as a whole. He is right, we have seen last season, against Chelsea, when you hassle and press as a team, you make life easier for the back four by stealing possession, and reducing the chances opponent might have. I don’t understand why we can do it for one match, and not be able to maintain that discipline for the other games, against less illustrious opponents.

Ahead of tomorrow’s match, Theo Walcott has called on the Gunners to erase the hurt of our recent defeat, and win to start a run. That is all well and good, but unless you match what you say, well, there’s no point in saying anything further. I am of the opinion Walcott has been doing too much talking of late, and should concentrate more on his game. The youngster simply has a tendency to switch off in games, and doesn’t provide Arsenal with any contribution. I have stated many times, that this is due to his lack of service, which means he has no crosses or passes to run for.

However, it is my belief that if he simply runs around the pitch, with his pace, there would be one time someone would give him that through pass he so desires. If it doesn’t, at least he would be providing headaches for defenders who have to decide whether to mark him and open up spaces, or cause a lapse of concentration.

Arsenal Chairman has shot down rumours of a director of football. Apparently there were calls for a director to help ease Arsene workload, but what in the world would Arsene need from a director? Senseless demands really if these were true, and I haven’t heard of any club which had a director of football doing well at all.

In the last piece of news today, Kolo Toure has implied that Arsene made him who he was today, and he is grateful for it. I have always liked Toure, and fairly consistent he was, until he went for the African Cups and came back a shitty player.Despite that, we received good money from Man Cunteh for the Ivorian, and it’s a shame the drug scandal caused him to miss a good chunk of last season.

Right, that’s yer lot for today! Remember to check back tomorrow for the match preview, and any team’s updates! Cheerio.


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