I shudder at the thought of Joey Barton nearly joining Arsenal, and moan at another player injury.

When Barton said he was so close to joining Arsenal, I shuddered at that thought. Apparently Arsene was talking to the player regarding a move to the Emirates, but all talks reportedly broke down after his farce with Gervinho.

True, Joey Barton brings a sort of steel to our team, but this player is literally a time-bomb, waiting to explode any time. One small incident and next thing we know, Arsenal is one man down. His temper is so short-fused that having him in the team is as good as having a, erm, Joey Barton?

I wouldn’t want a player like him near our youngsters too, teaching them the wrong things as a senior.

Joey: ” When someone dives, you grab him, and drag him around as though ya the boss ya hear me aye?”

The next thing we know all our youngsters are grabbing players and pulling them around, and if they are lucky, get the player sent off, if they are unlucky, get a red card,.

So thank you lord, for saving us from this hooligan.

Fortunately, we have someone ready to step up, and be one of the leaders, despite his tender age. Theo Walcott is only 22 but is already one of the longest serving Arsenal first team player right now. However, he has offered his assistance to our young gunners, which is generous, yet at the same time, presumptuous. Walcott rates lowly for me, because he isn’t the finish article yet, and has lots which he could improve in. Before he can consider tutoring the young, he should concentrate more on improving himself first.

Ahead of our match against Bolton on Saturday, Owen Coyle has provided some backing for Arsene Wenger, and believe that Arsenal would return with a bid for Gary Cahill in January. However, that is such a far off thing, and if our performances improve, I am sure Wenger would either disregard Cahill, or wait until next July for a free transfer.

Ahead of Saturday’s match against Bolton, Benayoun has complaint of strains. He is set to miss the match against Bolton, and possibly against Olympiacos and the scums next week. Fingers crossed he makes a speedy recovery, I do love his creativity and tireless running around the pitch.

Some bad news for followers of our youth set up too, Benik Afobe, who impressed during pre-season, is set to be out for at least 4 months. The youngster was initalliy slated as a starter for our Carling Cup matches, and will be dissapointed at this set-back.

Yet another player gets injured, and again the question pops up, why? Why do we have players getting injured all the time? Injuries are part and parcel of football, but Arsenal always seem to have two to three key players injured at the same time. I think it is worth looking at our medical set up, or training regime, to seek out what is it that causes these injuries.

So that’s about it for today! A short one, oh, if you are interested too, Arsenal has apparently signed Barcelona ex-president Joan Laporta’s son. Yes groan another 14 year-old blah blah blah. Again, take it with a pinch of salt until it has been confirmed by Arsenal. But think of how we can torture his son during training, just to pay Laporta for all the tapping of Arsenal players. *Eyes gleams evilly at thought of asking Laporta’s son to run around the field 1000 times for every Arsenal players tapped by his father*

So off I go, imaging the thousand training regimes I could use to torture Laporta’s son. Till tomorrow chums!


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