Arsenal 3-1 Shrewsbury, A few posititves, and a few worrying signs.

Good day all!

So our lads did us proud and came away with a 3-1 victory. Match highlights and goals below.
Arsenal v Shrewsbury Town by Remsteeg

I didn’t watch the match, so what really went on for 90minutes is beyond me. But judging by the highlights, despite our 3-1 scoreline, I would say it could have easily been the reverse.

I am not trying to be too critical here, but once again, Arsenal conceded from yet another set piece. It would be alright if the perpetrator was one of our youngsters, but the man at fault was Djourou. The ball was crossed into the box, and Djourou, despite being in the right position to head the ball away, simply stood his ground, and J. Collins had a free header planted beyond Fabianksi.

We could be fair, and say, perhaps the Swiss was afraid he might have scored an own goal. Fine, I will give you that. But when there was ANOTHER Shrewsbury player in front of you, and with a chance to head at goal too, MAYBE, you should have challenged him in the air and try to head it out for a corner. The lapse in concentration cost Arsenal a goal in this match, but in the future, with our centre backs at a minimum, might see Arsenal lose 3 points.

Again, simply from the highlights, I noticed another problem. Fabianski. Take no credit away from him, he did well last season until he got himself injured and have to play second fiddle to Szczesny now. The Polish could perhaps have been at fault for the goal too, as he could have came out to claim the ball but instead stood his ground. Maybe it was due to the lack of communication that he thought Djourou would want to head the ball away,  but whatever.

What worried me more than his lack of communication, was perhaps his lack of match fitness. Early on, Djourou was too slow, and allowed Mark Wright to waltz pass him. The only player left was Fabianski, who reacted quickly to come out and decreased the angles of shots. However, Wright still took a stab at goal, which came off rather weak. I watched the highlights, expecting Fabianski to simply collect the ball, Instead, he recovered too slowly to reach for the ball, saw the ball trickled past him, and nearly conceded a goal. Fortunately, the ball hit the side bar.

Fabianski slow reaction may be due to his lack of match fitness, and perhaps just a one off. But, god forbid, should his Polish counterpart Szczesny injure himself in a match, and Fabianski perform as sluggish as he did yesterday, then I can only pray for the best. Hopefully the Pole would look back on his performance yesterday and try to rectify this problem.

Aside from those few things, I must say, the youngsters did look good, especially Coquelin and Chamberlain. Coquelin lack of experience might have resulted in a few stray tackles, but the youngster was immense, running to and fro, getting in tackles, winning balls and providing good balls forward as well as getting into good position. Definitely hope to see more of the Frenchman.

Chamberlain went some way into justifying his price tag as well, terrorising the Shrewsbury right wing. The stocky midfielder even managed to score a goal to put Arsenal into the lead.

And that is perhaps one of the joy of yesterday’s match. In the highlights, we were actually taking pot shots from distance! Maybe it is the stature of the match, maybe the players were confident. Whatever it was, it was good, as we saw how some of those shots were troubling Ben Smith, and eventually led to Chamberlain’s goal.

Oxlade Chamberlain spoke of his happiness to have started, and so did Ryo Miyaichi. Can’t say I saw much of Miyaichi in the highlights though, so no comments on him.

So all in all, a good day with a good win. Next up, bring on the Trotters!


3 thoughts on “Arsenal 3-1 Shrewsbury, A few posititves, and a few worrying signs.

  1. this is that kind of problem, that make goalkeeper frustrated, with this wreck defensive line we have, i am afraid our young goalkeeper will lose his confidence. Djourou has shown his not ready yet for this team, but i don`t understand why Wenger put him in first team, if somebody knows please tell me too.

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