If you or I were the manager….? Also includes Arsenal loan watch for the week.

If I was the manager of Arsenal..

I had the best dream ever yesterday, aye I did, I was walking around the Emirates before Slient Stan told me I was the man for Arsenal, and offered me free season passes to the Emirates for life. GREAT! I WILL TAKE IT! But…as manager I get to attend all matches already…….GOD DAMN YOU STAN! Oh well, contract signed anyway.

So hell yea! The first thing I did as manager was to unleash my fury for the 4-3 loss. Instead of the hairdryer treatment, I was in favour of less conventional treatments, such as physical abuse. I then proceeded to ninja kick all of our players in the groin, and was ready to unleash my fist of fury to make the players fear conceding another goal before the match whistle blew.

Dang, that was my alarm clock. It was getting to the exciting part but I will try to dream the same scenario back, I still have got a bone to pick with Djourou for his stupid mis-sliding tackle which allowed Olsson to sprint clear of him.

What wouldn’t I give, just to be in charge of the football club we all love, and lead it back to its glorious moments. Well, maybe not my arm, and legs, and manhood, and life, and many things…..erm, I would be willing to give something priceless eventually!

Anyhow! The focus of the season so far is not really about losing, well, yes they are part of the focus, but really, the main focus is why are we getting the poor results?

You lose games, only because you have conceded more goals than your opponents. And that happens to be what Arsenal is doing right now. In all our games so far, we have conceded 14 goals in 5 games, and that is an average of nearly 3 goals a game. It would take a brave man to step up and argue against my case. The Blackburn game aside, we conceded 8 goals against Manchester United.

I wish I could tell you that this is probably due to our new signings not being able to play with familiarity at the moment, but really, going back to a chart provided by Arseblog, there is really an underlying problem with our defense, and it is not due to them being unable to communicate successfully. The chart above shows our goals conceded since the 07/08 season, and this is what it showed:

“07/08 – 31 goals”
“08/09 – 37 goals”
“09/10 – 41 goals”
“10/11 – 43 goals”

Instead of improving, we just seem to have been increasing in goals conceded. The back four has changed much since then but the same problems still exist, and that is our dis-efficiency when it comes to defending set pieces.

So, if the problems were not with our players, then something must be wrong with the system or the coaching, or both.

Hence, If I was really the manager, after giving the players a hiding they will never forget, I would really work on changing a better system to defend set pieces. The zonal system at the moment is working like bollocks, and players are still confused as to whether to come for the ball or stay where they are, resulting in stupid own goals like the one Alex Song scored.

The players are allegedly crying out for a new defensive coach, but in my honest opinion, this wouldn’t help one bit right now. Unless I was the manager of course. Why? Firstly, I know bollocks about coaching so I might as well leave it to the professionals. Secondly, I am not the manager, and Arsene Wenger is!

And therein lies the most important reason, and perhaps crux of the problem. Arsene Wenger is notoriously autocratic when it comes to training regime, preferring to handle everything by himself.Unless he is able to change his style overnight, it would be highly unlikely that Arsene would heed any coaching advice.

Tomorrow sees Arsenal taking on Shrewsbury in the League Cup. Again, if i was the manager, I might put out our full first team. For starters, walloping someone could help our lads get back some confidence. More importantly, we get to test defending set pieces in matches that are meaningful. What better place to do it than against Shrewsbury? The match can’t be lost, as doing so means more loss in confidence, and they are hardly illustrious opponents are they? Despite Shrewsbury lowly position in the League two, they are a professional team, and should still provide as adequate opponents.

But then again, I am not the manager of Arsenal…

Alright that’s all for today! Leave your thoughts on what YOU would do as manager of Arsenal! Please do not suggest anything like the moronic Mancini did though. Below is the loan watch of our youngster out on loan! Remember to subscribe in the main website if you are keen on receiving the latest posts, with the latest Arsenal news, videos, and loan news! Back tomorrow!

Loan watch

Henri Lansbury started and played 73 minutes in the the Hammers 1-1 draw with Millwall. The midfielder nearly scored in the first minute as he spotted Millwall’s keeper, Forde away from his line, and not watching play. However Lansbury shot drifted just wide, in what was an otherwise entertaining, but goalless match.

Joel Campbell came on for Lorient in their 3-0 win over St Etienne and was lively, with his trickery causing the St Etienne’s backline some trouble. However, his cameo was overshawdowed by a former Gunner, as Aliadiere scored 2 goals to help St Etienne to an emphatic win.

Nicklas Bendter, the world’s greatest striker whoever lived, started and played 84 minutes of Sunderland in their 4-0 victory over Stoke. The striker was at his imperious best, coming close many times, but just lacked that finishing touch to score a goal. Oh, no wonder you are the greatest striker that ever lived! The Dane also managed did do enough to pressure Woodgate into scoring an own goal, and assisted in Sunderland’s third goal. Game highlights can be viewed below to see his performance.

Sunderland v Stoke City by urigovich

Pedro Botelho was used as a winger in Rayo Vallecano’s 1-0 win over Getafe, The youngster contributed to the victory with an assist, by flicking a ball into the box, and his flick was met by Michu, who made no mistake. Pedro was later taken off in the 83rd minute. Views of his assist can be found below.

Getafe 0 Rayo Vallecano 1 by jordixana


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