Blackburn 4-3 Arsenal. Arsenal must be crazy to score 3 and still lose. Players rating and match review.

It was a games of two halves yesterday. The first half wasn’t exactly vintage Arsenal, but it was close enough. The game’s match report can be found here, or goals can be viewed here. Apologies if today’s post is a bit repetitive, however I am still shell-shocked from yesterday’s result.

So what now? 3 goals and we are still losing?

Just 10minutes into the game, when Gervinho scored his first competitive goal for Arsenal, the movement and passing of the ball was flowing so smoothly, I allowed myself the thought that today is going to be our day.

However, Yakubu equalised for Blackburn 15minutes later with a smart finish. He was played onside by Andre Santos, and with Koscielny and Mertesacker way behind him, took the ball, didn’t even look up, and just rolled the ball into the bottom right corner. Poor defending, great finish really.

Yet, even at 1-1, I was still confident that Arsenal would manage fine, and score the goals needed to win us the game. I need not have waited long, as barely 9minutes later, Arteta arrived in time to finish off a cut back from Ramsey and score his first goal for Arsenal. Arsenal went into the break with a slender 1 goal lead, but their performance were inspiring confidence that more goals would be forthcoming.

When the second half started, we were slightly nervy. It may have been the rain, which did not allow Arsenal to play with its usual passing game. Whatever it was, Blackburn capitalised on our nervousness, and pressed hard to try and seek an equaliser. They found one, albeit through an own-goal by Song. Blackburn had earned a free kick on the side of the box, and it was crossed into towards goal. The ball had barely touched Song before rebounding off into goal, with Szczesny unable to react quickly enough. It was unlucky really, before Song could even kick the ball away it just deflected off straight into goal. However, this may be showing that the zonal system is not working as well as Wenger said it is at the moment. If the players were not concentrating so much on their “zones”, they might have paid more attention to the ball and attempted to kick or head it out to where ever.

The next goal that came was suspiciously offside. But with our luck, it was allowed. ANOTHER set piece, this time from a corner, was hit into the box, and someone, I don’t remember who, and refuse to watch replays cause it hurts, that someone made a low pass to Yakubu, who was offside, and the Nigerian tapped in from close range. C***ty linesman and ref allowed it, 3-2 Blackburns.

Arsenal started to play with more urgency, eager to get the goals to win the game. Unfortunately it opened up our defense, and a clearance from the Blackburn box saw Olsson ran down the right wing, before a poor sliding tackle by Djourou which missed saw Olsson sprint clear. He made further forays into the box, and cut it back, and the ball rebounded off Koscielny into the net. I couldn’t really fault the Frenchman really. The blame, if truth be told, must go to Djourou for his tackle which missed and gave Olsson the space to run into our box. Szczesny was guilty as well, for coming out to try and stop the pass, but failing completely to even get a touch.  4-2 Blackburn.

This is when you start questions whoever, how can it happen not once, but twice. 2 own goals in one game, in addition to the offside goal by Yakubu. We must have offended some Footballing God somehow. You cannot be making shit like this up.

There was some hope of a comeback, when Chamakh scored his first league goal since November. A beautiful cross by Van Persie was headed in by Chamakh, after the Moroccan did fine to edge in front of  both Dann and Samba to score with a fine header. Alas, further profligacy by Mertesacker and Chamakh meant that there was no chance of a comeback happening.

Before the game, over the net people were complaining that we were not good enough as an attacking unit. There was complaints that we lacked creativity, and would struggle to score some goals. I was one of those who believed that we lacked creativity, but would do enough to score 2 goals and win the game. The team went one better, and score 3 great goals. Beautiful.

However, Arsenal never fail to disappoint, and continued to score 2 goals behind as well. Jesus. Some of you may be arguing that the two own-goals were really unlucky. However, we make our own luck, and if the defense did their job properly, the crosses into the box would never have occurred. Yakubu may have been offside when he scored the 3rd goal, but where was the man marking? You have to question why Yakubu was allowed to be unmarked in the 6 yards box in the first place.

There has to be something wrong with the team. Luck, morale, defense, everything. You simply don’t lose a game after scoring 3 goals. You don’t score two own-goals in one game as well. I couldn’t possibly tell you what exactly went wrong yesterday, because everything was so wrong.

Arsenal are in their worst start ever to the Premier League. On the basis of this performance, we are about to experience our worst season ever. The time given to improve the squad with new players has passed.  The person to sort out this mess is Arsene, and he best do it A-S-A-P. YOU SIMPLY DON’T SCORE 3 GOALS AND STILL LOSE OR DRAW A GAME. I am sorry, I am still shocked at how we capitulated to Blackburn. Forgive me, I shall come back another day when I am in a better state of mind. Below are Arsenal’s player ratings for yesterday’s game, and are my own opinions.

Szczesny – Absolutely poor showing from our Polish keeper. The youngster sets such a high standard for himself that he really had a poor game yesterday. He made an excellent save in the first half, however, looked shaky when coming to claim for balls and must hold some blame for the 3rd and 4th goal, as his missed interception twice proved costly. Furthermore, to concede 4 goals does not really speak well of a goalkeeper. 5 / 10

Sagna – As always, the right back is astute at his position, and until an injury caused him to come off, was looking good. Combined well with Gervinho down the right to cause Blackburn some trouble. 6.5 / 10

Andre Santos – Decent showing at the back, despite allowing Yakubu to be onside. Can’t be faulted too much, as the back line was made up of 2 new signings so communication and understanding is bound be lacking. That said, didn’t offer much going forward as well. 5.5 / 10

Mertesacker – Another one who put a reasonable performance at the back, but missed a header towards the end when he should have scored. 6 / 10.

Koscielny – His own goal probably summed up his performance. Poor, and even more so when he allowed someone in his thirties to run ahead of him to score the first goal. Also gave the ball away a few times, very careless of the Frenchman. 4.5 / 10.

Arteta – Tried hard to get things going, and managed to score a goal. 6.5 / 10

Alex Song – He did well in the first half. Breaking up plays, and laying the through pass for Gervinho to score. Was rather unlucky for the own goal. However, he has to be blame for the 4th goal too, as he was easily skipped past by Olsson. 5 / 10

Ramsey – The youngster could not be faulted for trying. Was running all around the pitch, trying to get things going for Arsenal. Eventually made the assist to Arteta for our 2nd goal. Could have been better though. 6.5 / 10.

Robin Van Persie – The Captain tried his best to bring us back into the game, but was foiled by Robinson twice with good saves. Also provided the assist for Chamakh. 6.5 / 10

Gervinho – The Ivorian started brightly, and scored his first competitive goal for Arsenal with a good shot. However, was wasteful when he had the chance to pass an unmarked Van Persie but chose to shoot instead. Will learn over time when to pass and when to shoot. Also had one too many dribbles at times, resulting in a loss of possession. 6.5 / 10

Arshavin – The Russian actually played quite well in first half. Creating lots space with his trickery and managed some beautiful passes. However, he made the foul which led to the freekick which the 2nd Blackburn goal came from. Couldn’t do much after and was withdrawn for Walcott. 6.5 / 10.

Djourou – Came on for Sagna. Played at right back and couldn’t do anything, as it wasn’t his familiar position. Tried to spark things down the right but failed. Even missed his tackle against Olsson, and allowed him to play a huge part in creating the own goal by Koscielny. Made a stupid foul by holding on to one of the Blackburn Rover player, and got yellow-carded too. 4.5 / 10.

Chamakh – Came on for Song, played a short while, and scored a good goal. But then he missed a good chance when he really should have scored. What can I say? 6 / 10.

Walcott – Came on for Arshavin, but without any killer passes provided to him, was unable to use his pace and hence was ineffective. 5 / 10

Arsene – Said our zonal system was working fine, Koscielny going to be brilliant. Epic fails Le Boss. 2.5 / 10.


8 thoughts on “Blackburn 4-3 Arsenal. Arsenal must be crazy to score 3 and still lose. Players rating and match review.

  1. I have NEVER heard ANY commentator say, “the Zonal Marking system adopted by XXXXX (Insert name of any team who has just conceded a stupid goal) is very/quite/reasonably effective.
    In fact ALL the commentators are bewildered by a system that allows opponents to score at will.
    Offsides, penalties, own goals… don’t complain about “bad luck” when these decisions go against us. Rather ask the question “what the fuck were those bastards doing in our penalty area?” and “why do we employ twelve year old French schoolgirls in defence?”
    GO GUNNERS! Lets stay up this season! (Goal difference suggests otherwise)

  2. Unfortunately a sad day when we see arsenal beaten buy a blackburn team bottom of the table and deviod of confidence and what better tonic than to come up against arsenal, easily the worst defensive team in the prem buy a long distance and I am afraid I do not trust Arsene any longer .You may say that is harsh but the truth is I no longer like watching my team play as they are so bad it seems to make me angry for the whole week but yet I go back for more and hope they will improve but let us be serious now and look at it objectivly .we had a football product that could have conquered all with the right speculative investment , in business a good risk is worth taking as other teams (manu) do this and have more debt than ourselves , yet we are told the finiacial investment has to be sensible and the best thing for arsenal which we can all understand to a point although it is my oppinion we have been way to cautious and in doing so have not maximised the product we have and have deteriated every single year since the invincibles , tell me why sell fab for a pittance when he is easily one of the best CM’s in world football …..Was this good business for arsenal? ofcourse is was not as we could have got a lot more for our club and in so doing have more available funds to replace a player with a like player but we choose the wrong option , we then gave up an automatic champions league place to mancity with some of the most guttless performances I have seen from any arsenal team and I have been supporting Arsenal for 26 years we are so weak and spineless it is sad to see .We have no cambel ,adams ,winterburn ,dixon or keon to kick the foreign players and tell them what it means to play for arsenal I mean can you imagine being two nil up at home to the spuds and letting them come back in the fashion we did , I will tell you it would not have happened , when you see the determination of thiery henry a frenchman playing agaisnt the spuds and turning on the power and then defiantly say I will never loose against the spuds , that is the passion and what we arsenal fans deserve that is mental toughness and a never say die attitude that was instilled in him buy the other English players who no what it means to wear the arsenal shirt and will give there all for arsenal . It is my opinion that we now have spineless technical players with no real heart for arsenal And when they can shrug there shoulders and say we did not try hard enough…………….I am sorry but that kind of attitude is unexceptable except it seems at arsenal ,can you imagine a manu player saying that .. I don’t think so as they have a manager who is unwilling to except second best and will not suffer laim excuses .Arsene wenger is an intelligent man and maybe to soft with the players and affording them to much time to perform which gives them a comfort zone and they no they do not have to perform to there maximun as they will always get another chance as the club do not want the best as they are unppreparred to invest in the best .when Nasri tells you he had no pressure to perform as there was never anyone else good enough to challenge him … sorry that is unexceptable for a topflight football team hoping and playing to win .we have no dissapline and no spirit and the position we are in now has been slowly progressing for the last six years and now we are the critical point as arsenal football team is a complete shambles and we are also making all the wrong decissions and the manager has to take responsibility for breeding this team with no heart and no spirit and the list goes on ……why have we left it till the last minute of what should have been the most crucial summer for investment in quality players … rank bad management ………………….and a delusional manager when all could see fab and nas wanted to go from last season but he is left with the decission which he has got horribly wrong .Not even all five newly signed players are of the worth of fab by himself so we are loosing quality players and replacing them with average players , do we really expect better performance from a team that has worse players every year …no ofcourse we don’t but we are told in the same breath that this current team is the best squad wenger has assembled ………….blatent bullshit as this is the wosrt Arsenal team any of us has seen and getting worst by the day .we need two prem defenders with prem league experience we should have bought both jag’s and cahill as that is what was really needed but what do we get a giant german with no prem league experince and who is possibly slower than myself and I am 43 years of age and believe I can still beat mertsacker or what ever his name is in a foot race , it does not make any sense .we were going to rely on a kid at left back who is notoriously injury prone and clearly not ready for an entire season at left back at what is widely considered the most physical football league in the world again it does not make any sense , we then take benayoun from chelsea previously a rival of ours but now they will happiliy give us the players they have no use for as they want the best and to be champions and have the hunger to go forward and atleast try and be the best , artetta has to take a pay cut to come to arsenal …is that serious and the comedy that is arsenal goes on .Do you really believe we had to go to old trafford and get completely humiliated infront of the entire world by a score a non league team would not loose by ofcourse we did not … again rank bad management , why go to old trafford and play a high defensive line with a bunch of 12 year old kids who have no prem experince …rank bad management and incredibly bad for the young players confidence and then you wonderr why we are lacking confidence is this some sort of joke……I frigging wish it was but it is not it is the state of my beloved arsenal .all of this and we have had inormous slices of luck to get us past udinese and to scrape a win against swansea , make no mistake we now no longer have the good football or the skill .We are to be bloody patient by the joke that is hillwood whilst we pay the highest price in europe to watch kids make mistake after mistake , I wish it were a nightmare but it is not , they talk about there sound business practises and how well the club is run but they are forgetting one thing there business is football and they have completely ruined what was once one of the best footballing products available .For me this is shockingly bad managemnet and would not be tollrated in any other areana and that’s because we are arsenal fans and won’t give up on our team as atleast we do have spirit and fight and we have to have as the board and the mangement are intent on embarrasing the fans to the point of humiliation .I bought my son the away shirt , he is eleven and won’t wear it now as people keep taking the micky out of him , but he will never change teams as that is who we are and he is a kid but it still hurts him so it is my opinnion the board and the mangemnet should be replaced as it is not only a shocking defense that is the problem it is there attitude as a whole , we will get battered by the spuds and they will just say oh well we tried ……djouro ,squilachy anyone complete and utter disgrace .Why can we not have a proper defense sagna is the only real defender playing in his real position , djouro thinks he was a midfielder are best center back is actually a left back by trade , our promising young left back is actually a left winger by trade I mean it is so shockingly bad and yet they still get away with it , never thought I would say this but for god sake bring in the russian and dien to get us back where we belong and let the gunners fans be proud again we deserve that, at the moment I feel ashamed as I have never seen defensive displays this bad , I mean you score against yourself not once but twice it’s criminal no wonder fergie comes to wengers defence I bet he can’t stop laughing …sorry about the spelling but it is just as bad as arsenal at the moment but I am sure you get my drift

  3. For me it did not go unoticed that more than one player said Pat rice got us going and screamed and shouted to get the reaction needed to get past udinese as I truly belive wenger himself would not have got that result as bad as they may seem that is what I believe .The players no wenger will not give up on his pet project and will defend them to the last even when there displays are shockingly bad .I may have been a bit harsh on wenger as I truly believe he loves arsenal but he has to change and demand a winning mentality as this is what fergie does and it works .I mean I was disgusted with djouro’s lazy tackle that led to the goal and then there he is on arsenal .com saying we have to bounce back …the irony is you would not have to bounce back if he played with commitment and desire needed when playing for arsenal football team .Asene wenger needs to make sure the players give ther all and I don’t think that is happening .We do not appear to have the hunger and desire to be the best and that is wengers fault as far as I am concerned .we do not have the personnel or confidenceto persist with the defensive high line it is very bad tactics in my opinion and don’t let me start on the zonal crap , we need to go man for man and weed out the bad defenders so we can see who is continully making mistakes and who is consistantly out of position this would give us a better understanding of why we are so hopeless at defending but as I say I think it is more than that and not that easy to fix as we appear to have a deep lying attitude problem

    • Agreed, some players appeared complacent, they really need to instill in themselves the winning mentality. But man-for-man didn’t even work last season, and the season before, and many seasons before. It has been a problem for as long as I can remember and I can’t understand why is it that after so many years we still are unable to rectify this problem

      This problem is made worst by us suffering our worst run in many years.

  4. I hear what you are saying about man to man marking but as it is it looks like we have started again and we are in the toughest league there is as not only do you need skill but you need the required physical attributes as well .In my opinion we are to small as a team but wenger says he prefers smaller more technical players which all well and good if they have the required physical attributes which our players do not have currently.wenger has got rid of all the experience in the squad why ? do you think a young fab would develop the way he did if he was a 17 year old in our current setup , I don’t think he would as there is no one there to learn from , no one with a winning mentality .It’s all well and good looking at stats and the number of passes made and putting that into some mathematical formula and coming up with the perfect prototype football team as that is what it seems wenger is doing and there in lies the problem as it is the intangibles you can’t see that are so clearly missing from arsenal players at the moment , courage , experience and a never say die attitude .koscielny had played one season in the french top league so we buy him and make him our first choice centerback and what happens he and our twenty year old keeper make monumental mistake in a cup final costing us a badly needed trophy but with players of so little experience these mistakes have to be expected .What do you think fab would be saying to himself I will tell you he would be thinking f@ck this all my hard work undone by inexperience all over the pitch and he got fed up trying as his manger just wouldn’t buy the required players to give us a chance because they are to busy balancing the books and buying bargain basement average players .That is why the summer just passed was crucial to fix arsenal as whole sale changes were required and wenger could again mange the team with some belief .We should have broke the bank as we must have extermly good relations financially we should have bought a new keeper of good quality and good experience as we currently ruining a good young keeper in shezza. It can not be good for any keeper to conede that amount of goals and speacily one of his age but where is his backup or who he should be fighting with to keep his place there is no one .we needed to buy jags and cahill and maybe baines from everton all who have a high level of prem experience and all English or sakho from Paris , mvilla should have been purchased along with eden hazrd and gervinio and that is in addition to what we already have and we could also have done with a striker of real class but that maybe a luxury even so that little lot would have cost us a hundred million to complete but hey we have gained at least sixty from sales of players and had to invest maybe 50 million and that is not alot considering we have hardly bought any players over the last five years .If arsenal wanted to have a chance that is what was needed we could have got mato a talented young player in the mould of fab but not as good in my opinion but we did not get him why not ? arsenal are not a club with serious ambition at the moment and a hundred million worth of talent is now what is required as we have been found out with all are average players and are heading for a top ten finish if things are not changed our manger is not doing what is required he had the right to demand the signing I have listed above and I am sure we would have a much better team than we have now and we would atleast be in with a chance but what we have is not exceptable and the manger has failed again , just look at the massive support arsenal still has ,for godsake man make use of it , we have the stadium , we have the fans to be a massive club but we are going backwoods at an alarming rate because of some stubborn ideas which are clearly floored as the sale of fab and nasri should show and that is why i fear for wenger as i do not believe his mind is in the right place but as I say these are my opinions and I need to air them as the last result against Blackburn which I could see coming but did not want to believe myself as I love arsenal and so want them to do well but my head is telling all the wrong moves are being made and I fear for wenger as he has had opportunity to fix the many many issues he has brought on himself but has choose not to do so .Van persie as captian is the end of him and he will be off at the end of the season as we will most likely not win anything and our captain will want to go , forgodsake man be wise and make the right decision for once a captain who is your best player and does not want to be there is very bad for morale and has adverse effects espeacialy on a young and impressionable side but wenger still makes the same mistake and has not learned a thing from the fab situation let alone what it tells the fans as we sit here thinking even our captain does not want to be in our team , dire dire times …….can someone please make me feel a bit more positive about our team as I want to be positive but keep getting kicked in the teeth

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