Sacrifice our trophies for Champions league spot, or vice versa? Updates on injury, and Fabregas’ return clause.

The day is made with good news from Wenger today. On the injuries, Ramsey is in with a chance of making it for the match against Blackburn on Saturday. Our very own Verminator, Vermaelen is also set for a return after the international break. Not so good on Wilshere though, as little Jacky is still in a boot, and tests will only be conducted after 4 weeks from now.

Another good news, is that Fabregas has a clause in his contract to Barcelona, to return to Arsenal should they ever want to sell him.

“That’s absolutely fine by me, I enjoyed my time in Arsenal. I had some great years there.

I don’t know if it’s realistic that I would return one day. But maybe I said the same when I left Barca, so you never know. If that was the final thing Arsenal needed to agree on to let me go then I’m satisfied.”

Can’t see how the Barcelona c**ts would want to let him go, unless the player himself desires to return to Arsenal. So this clause is effectively as good as nothing. Unless Arsenal starts winning everything, and make Cesc think that maybe the grass is greener over at North London.

Speaking about winning, Benayoun has spoken to Arsenal,com, and gave his opinion over his move to Arsenal. Have a read here. The player said something important though, if you didn’t read it.

They were always close and I believe that we can win something. There is a long way to go and we have to improve but we have a lot of quality and will do everything to win a trophy.”

After the match with Dortmund, Koscielny and Szczesny were saying how it was good, drawing with the German champions, and that Arsenal showed its potential to mix with the best

It led me to think, why the need for reassurance that Arsenal needed a point to mix with the best? Has the 8-2 thrashing by Manchester United lowered Arsenal players self-esteem so much that every performance has to be taken as a good indicator of how strong the squad is? Many, even the Boss himself believes that this may be the case.

A draw may be a good point. But saying a draw gives you confidence probably sends out the wrong message. It shows doubt within the squad, and a weakness that other teams can exploit. Teams can now play Arsenal and think, “Those suckers are afraid of us, better still, they are more fearful of their inability rather than us.”

I am not really sure how confident the current squad is right now. But I am sure, that this fear of incompetency is more of a hindrance, rather than being helpful. The mindset that we may not be good enough, until we have earned a good point or 3 points, then can we start believing in ourselves. What the players are probably doing is adding fuel to the fire, and giving themselves undue pressure to perform instead.

I remember Manchester United losing C.Ronaldo in the 2009/10 season. A big fat c**t he may be, but nonetheless an essential player of United. Despite his departure, Manchester United still managed to win the Carling Cup that season, and progressed to the league title the following season.

Before you jump on me and say: ” BUT THEY ONLY WON THE MICKEY CUP WHEN RONALDO LEFT“, I beg you to understand my point is, true, they only won a stupid cup. But that stupid cup happened to instill self-belief into the team that they are capable of mounting a title assault. Let me remind you that the Manchester United last season was probably the most weakened Manchester United squad I ever saw, and they won the damn league title because we let them.

So when Benayoun stated how he wanted to win trophies, and would do anything to win one, it got me thinking.

With the pile up of fixtures, this means that Arsenal are going to play a game once every 3-4 days in September. We take on the Rovers this Saturday, and next midweek sees Arsenal taking on Shrewsbury in the Carling Cup. This is followed by games to Bolton 4 days later, and finally we meet Olympiacos. This is just for the month of September, and the months ahead promises to be as equally arduous as we  are competing in 4 competition, not to mention replays if we can’t avoid them.

This raised many questions in my head. Which competition should focus be given to? The Carling cup is the least prestigious, but also one of the easiest should other clubs place it as insignificant. Or should we try to take on all 4 fronts, and hope that our squad do not be decimated by more injuries?

This questions are really confusing, oh God I think I need a beer now.  Tell me what you think mates, and have a jolly Good day.


6 thoughts on “Sacrifice our trophies for Champions league spot, or vice versa? Updates on injury, and Fabregas’ return clause.

  1. As much as trophies are important our Champions league place is a lot more important. I think the real reality is if we lost it not only would it affect our revenue stream but we would also have more players wanting to leave the club and would have no real chance of drawing top talent to the club. It can be seen with teams like liverpool and Tottenham since Liverpool have lost there champions league spot they haven’t really bought in any top draw players apart from Suarez and spurs have had there own saga with Modric who wanted to leave because they aren’t playing with Europe’s elite.

    • But would u prefer to see Arsenal go through years without winning a title? I dont think so.

      I duno abt ya but Im pretty fed up with coming second for 6 yeas. If trophies leads to more title, then mayb it would be better if we give up on the Champs league for 1 season u see.

    • You do have a fair point though mate, about players not really going to those teams.

      Then again, I remember a few years back when Barcelona were languishing near the bottom half of the table and Ronaldinho chose them instead of Manchester United. Miracle worker though, that man single-handedly brought them to glory.

  2. Maybe Arsenal should concentrate on the Carling Cup and the League the same time for this season.

    Winning the mickey cup gets a monkey off our back. Giving our attention to the league means we still can qualify for the Champions League.

    Maybe then the winning mentality would be instilled after the mickey cup win, and the team would go on to perform great wonders over the next few seasons.

  3. The champions league spot is the most important financially but Arsenal are no longer a champions league club and dont have a roster salary that indicates that. Arsenal are a europa league side who can have a good crack at carling and fa cups.
    Fans of Arsenal need to accept that Kroenke is not into paying big salaries like the owners of chelsea and manc or liverpool or manu. So, top 4 is out of the question. 5th is the highest arsenal can go in my opinion, but they will need liverpool and tottenham’s help.

    Benny came to arsenal to spend the rest of his career in london if possible with chelsea not in need of him. Arsenal can do great in the europa league, if they set their minds to it

    • Oh my, please dear sir / lady, we will never need help from the scums. If they lost enough games to slip up and give us the 4th spot, then sucks to be them but we will never ever thank them for it! Anyway, there is still time for Arsenal to play catch up. The main thing is whether we are willing to play at the level we are so capable of but are unable to show at the moment. So don’t write off our chances of 4th spot yet please!

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