If there is a footballing god in this world, he must hate Arsenal, and today’s Featured Profile: Oxlade-Chamberlain

Before I am on the receiving end of a barrage of attacks from Christians who believed I have blaspheme, please do note i said IF.

Good afternoon mates. What better way it is to start your afternoon other than your daily dosage of my posts, and the latest updates on Arsenal?

By the way, If a footballing god does exist, could anyone help me ask him why is he doing this to Arsenal?

Why do I say that? Okay, let’s begin.

First up, UEFA rejecting Arsene’s appeal?! After reasoning and providing of evidence, UEFA still decides to reject Arsene’s touchline ban appeal, and uphold this punishment, Arsene will not be able to be in the dugout with his squad for the match against Dortmund and Olympiacos. Is there still justice in this world? I do wonder why Arsenal has not released a statement regarding this, and appeal to the highest court there is. If you want something, you got to fight for it. There is a miscarriage of justice here, and I can’t believe Arsene is just going to accept it.

Its my time. Out again. - Photo Arsenal.com

Moving on. Joining Wilshere on the sidelines would be our very own Verminator. This picture below, is hilarious by the way, considering the news.

I bet the editors at Arsenal right now are feeling so awkward, It is his time alright, out on the sidelines again.The commanding center back suffered a knock against Udinese and had to undergo surgery to rectify the problem. Verminator’s papa believes that his son would be out for a minimum of 6 weeks. The club has also voiced its belief that our centre back would be back by October. Hopefully we would not witness a repeat of last season, when one surgery leads to a few weeks out initially, and when the club announces his return, instead of returning Vermaelen goes back out for the whole season.

The center-back’s presence is so important, that you could see it was thoroughly missed in the match against Manchester United. Our very own Belgian Verminator has been so impressive that he made a decent Koscielny looked awesome. This injury means that Koscielny would most likely be paired up with Mertesacker for the time being. Here’s to hoping that the pair would be able to work well together in the mean time.

The injuries at Arsenal are mounting so high, that we can’t afford for any players to get injured while on international duty this week. Anymore injuries would probably leave the squad with a bench containing the same members as we did at Manchester United. We either got a really shitty medical team, or really poor luck, or someone up there just hates Arsenal. *Stares at the Sky and glares*

One player to emerge unscathed is Oxlade-Chamberlain. He played for the England U21 against Israel in redundant friendly, and apparently was impressive as a substitute, having a hand in 3 of the goals. The good performance would help him in gaining confidence and hopefully that would be translated on the pitch for Arsenal when he plays. Arsenal’s Lansbury who is on loan to the Hammers also featured, and scored a goal. I really wish to see Lansbury given a chance in Arsenal. However, considering that his contract is due to expire next year, and Arsenal not giving him the chance he deserves, we would probably see him leave on a free or sold in January. All goals and highlights of the England U21 match can be view here.

Frimpong could have featured in the match above too, but he has pulled out of the england squad, and instead has chosen to represent Ghana. Can’t say I am too pleased about it, if he plays well we will lose another player in January to the African Cups. Then he will get injured, and we will lose another player for the season. I am beginning to hate the pessimistic me.

For those of you who can’t get enough of our newest signing, Arteta, he just gave his first interview to the club. I actually wonder whether he is joking when he said he has got the best years ahead of him. Not that I want to be critical, but he is already 29 years old, and this should usually be the peak of an attacking midfielder. But Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, and *drools* Bergkamp have proven me wrong over the years, so we shall  wait and see.

Tonight would see other gunners play for their team too, here’s to hoping we have players all emerged safe and sound. To catch up on their results and performance, go to Arsenal.com. Or you could just subscribe to my site, it’s really simple, leave a comment, click on notify me of new post and you are done!

So that’s yer lot for today! As promised, a profile feature of Oxlade-Chamberlain will be provided below! Tomorrow’s profile would be on Joel Campbell / Andre Santos. Still figuring out either to do one or both. What do you guys prefer? Either way, subscribe to my site for the updates on the Arsenal, and any videos which may be made available! See’ya!


Oxlade-Chamberlain - photo arsenal.com

A son of a Ox and Chamberpot. Oxlade-Chamberlain was a kid when he joined Southampton, aged about seven. He first made his competitive debut on 2nd March, 2010, coming off the bench for the match against Huddersfield Town. It was the club’s second youngest ever player in their history, the first being our very own Theo Walcott, who was also from Southampton.

The youngster hard work paid off, as his talent was recognised, and was soon handed his first gane on 10 August, against Bournemouth in the League Cup. The OX announced his arrival with his first ever goal. 10 days on, Southampton signed the promising winger to a 3 year contract. The winger would then go on to play a  starring role in the team’s promotion back to the Championship. Oxlade-Chamberlaid showed a keen eye for goal despite his role as a wide-man, and scored 10 goals in 34 appearances. He also proved his ability to provide, with 8 assists to his name. At such a young age, and being only his first season, the young winger showed tremendous potential.

In that year, with emphasis being placed on home-grown youngsters, Arsenal came calling after scouting the youngster numerous times and believing he was one of the up-coming talents. The Ox was continuously linked during the January transfer window, but despite all the hype, nothing happened, and the Ox stayed on at Southampton for the season.

However, Arsenal was not to be denied. With the imminent departure of Fabregas and Nasri, Wenger moved swiftly to bring the youngster to Arsenal. On August 12 2011, the Ox was unveiled as an Arsenal player. His transfer fee is reportedly around £12-£13 million.

The youngster was never meant to play a huge role, being so young and only playing in the League One just a season ago. However, injuries and suspension intervened, and Le Boss gave the young Englishmen his debut as a substitute in the match against Manchester United while we were trailing two goals behind. It was a debut to forget, with the youngster not being able to contribute anything of note, and he had to deal with the trauma of getting walloped 8-2. Hopefully, his confidence was not badly shaken.

The Ox is able to play anywhere across the midfield, as long as he is attacking. He has pace, and certainly built like an Ox. The distinction between Oxlade and Walcott is that the Ox not only has speed, but he too has power and is able to bulldoze his way through defenses. Furthermore, he arrives after a season of first team football, something which Walcott never received. Oxlade also has delivery, for he packs a good cross in him. This has been shown in his performances for the Englands U21 so far, with him notching up 5 assists so far.

The sky is the limit for the Ox, and there is no better place other than Arsenal for him to hone his skill and unleash his potential. Barring any stupidity like David Bentley, mark my words, and watch this space, for this Englishman is set to be the future of Arsenal and England.

Behold the talent that is Oxlade-Chamberlain, I leave you with my best wishes, and the very best of the youngster.  (PS: If you can’t watch the youtube video, go to the dailymotion link )

the ox comp by arsenalbystander


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