When it comes to Arsenal, sometimes, any news is bad news. Featured Proflie For Today: Gervinho.

Pardon me good sirs, and madams, of course, for missing yesterday’s post. My missus was trying to pop open a beer for me to bring into the bath when she accidentally spilled good beer onto my laptop. Alas, it looks fine until I realised that half of my keyboards were not responding to touches. So I got me self an external keyboard, and present to you Arsenal’s news and going ons so far. And when it comes to news, more news usually means bad news.

Arteta, Benayoun. When they were being scouted and considered for by Arsenal, there was no news right up till the last minute of the transfer window. When it comes to Arsenal, the lesser news we get the better it is for us it seems. Fabregas departure, Barcelona ridiculous bid, Nasri being a cunt, oh wait, that is a good news, but moving on, losing out on Mata etc etc.

You get my drift. Hence, when I popped up my internet to see what I have missed out yesterday, This was what greeted me yesterday.


Jack Wilshere - Out for 3 months

….. Bollocks, I told myself, this ain’t true. Lo and behold, Jacky came to the rescue affirmed the authenticity of the report. He confirmed the news via twitter, and said:

@JackWilshere Jack Wilshere: “I can confirm I will be out for around 2-3 months! I am working hard in the gym to stay fit and I am gutted but I will be back stronger!

Bah. What the hell. The rigours of the 50 games for both club and country last season must have gotten to him. Such a shame considering he was one of the stand out last season.  Thank god Stuart Pearce didn’t manage to coax Jack into going for the U21 European championships. Instead of 2-3 months out we might see him only next season. Fingers crossed the lad comes back soon! The youngster has said that he will take it easy, and try to give his body as much rest as possible. He said:

It’s massively frustrating. Having had a successful season last year, it’s even more frustrating. This year I really felt I could push on, but I’ve had a bit of a setback but I’m still feeling good about the season. Hopefully I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

We feel you too Wilshere. So does Ramsey it seems. The Welsh skipper believes that it, well, sucks. He says:

I know he’s been struggling with his ankle. It’s a big blow, he had a massive season last season he showed to everyone what he is capable of doing. I thought we played pretty well together in pre-season so it’s a big blow for us and Arsenal. Hopefully now he can just get back as quick as possible and makes a speedy recovery from it.”

Well, one bad new follows another, and UEFA has rejected Arsene’s appeal against his touchline ban. Come on……there has to be a conspiracy against Arsenal. Arsene has stated over and over again that he had clarified whether it was okay to communicate with his bench via a 3rd person and a MOBILE PHONE, and they gave the go-ahead.To add insult to injury, the club has also been fined 10,000 pounds. Something is seriously wrong with UEFA. Wonder whats so hard about admitting your mistake and accepting that it happens. Cunts.

On the subject of cunts, let’s welcome Cunt of the Week, Barcelona cunty VP, Josep Maria Bartomeu. The cunt had the cheek to admit that the price paid for Fabregas was a bargain, and should have been bought at closer to the valuation placed by Arsenal, which was £53m. The cunt said:

After seeing the work he’s done since his arrival it is true that Cesc meets the €60m valuation Arsenal initially demanded.“The kid is demonstrating a high level and quality in three weeks of training. The transfer was very good. In a market that is so open Cesc is worth a lot of money.

…. You sure have cheek Mr Josep. We all knew what Fabregas’ was worthed, but you refused to pay up, and forced Wenger’s hand by playing with Fabregas’ longing to return home. If there is a god in this world, please let there be justice.

Singing Fabregas praises, Arshavin believes that Fabregas would be missed, and that his departure would alter the team’s playing style. No shit Sherlock. Hopefully you would find back your form so that we would miss him less. It is reaching the point of sadness instead of anger seeing how low our Russian talisman has fallen. I still remember the 4 goal performance against Liverpool. What ever happened to the diminutive forward? Arshavin also reveals another transfer target:

Perhaps another holding midfielder wouldn’t hurt and, as far as I know, we were trying till the last minute to get M’Vila, but unfortunately we weren’t able to buy him.”

Oh well, at least we tried.

In the last piece of news today, it is revealed that Benayoun did not have a medical prior to signing for Arsenal. Let’s just hope that  this gamble does not fail and we do not end up with another injured player on our books again. *GOD CAN YOU HEAR ME?*

Some players played for their national team two days before. First up was Rosicky, who played in his country’s 2-2 draw with Scotland. The Czech skipper played the full game, but match reports shows that he didn’t do anything of note. And moving Cameroon one step closer to qualifying for the African Cup, is Alex Song who starred in their 6-0 win over Mauritius. His Ivorian counterpart, Gervinho played a influential role in the 5-0 win for Ivory Coast over Rwanda. Gerivnho’s goal can be viewed here.

That is all for today! Today’s featured player would be Gervinho, one of our new signings over the summer. I have tried my best to find as much statistics as I could about Gervinho, but because of the language and time barrier, I am not able to authenticate everything. So if you read on and realise that some of the things are incorrect, please do tell me!


Gervinho - Phtoto - Arsena.com

Born as Gervais Yao Kouassi in1987, the Ivorian first started out as a youth squad member at ASEC Mimosas in 1998, spending five years with ASEC before turning professional at Toumodi in 2003. Gervinho then spent two years at Toumodi  before moving onto Belgian side, Beveren, which also included Eboue in its team.

It was at Beveren.where Gervinho shone. He was regularly played out on the flank, but despite that, he still managed to score 14 goals in two seasons. This impressed Le Mans, and a move was secured to bring the forward to the Ligue 1 side. 67 games, 14 goals and 8 assists later, he made his move over to Lille.

Benefiting from a technically superior side, Gervinho began to show his potential. In his first season, he scored 18 goals in 44 appearances. The following season showed that he was consistent of performing on a regular basis, when he once again scored 18 goals in 49 appearances, this time helping Lille to the league tittle and French cup glory.

To bolster our squad, Arsene scouted and made Gervinho our number 1 target at the start of the season. A bid of £10.5m was quoted, and Gervinho soon made the move over the North London on 11 July.

Gervinho made his debut for Arsenal in the friendly match against FC Koln. He was impressive and immediately showed what he brings to the team. Pace, directness and technical ability. The result was a 2 goal haul against Koln. However, his competitive debut for Arsenal was far from satisfying, as he slapped Joey Barton and earned himself a red card, and a sent off on his debut. Despite that, his performances in the matches he has played shows his ability, Against Newcastle, he was lively and kept running at the defenders, giving them much food for thought. In the second leg against Udinese, he turned provider for Van Persie to hit home our first away goal.

The forward currently plays on the left side of a front three, flanking Robin Van Persie. He plays very directly, and likes to run at defenders down the left wing. This means that defenders have to be 100% concentrated when up against the pacey foward, as a lapse in concentration would result in Gervinho running past him to either shoot or make a pass to a team mate. Being right-footed, he would cut in at the byline, and drag a low cross into the opponent’s penalty box, hoping that it would find a team-mate. His ability to score goals is portrayed in his goal scoring exploits for Lille. Perhaps his best asset is his shiny forehead, which can be used to blind opponents and allow him to sneak pass them without fuss! Okay, I jest.

The player has his flaws too, one of which so far has been his temper, evident in his slapping of Joey Barton. The player is also still trying to adapt to the Premier League, and still familiarising with Arsenal’s style of play. Due to his suspension, Gervinho has not mean able to impact Arsenal as positively as we would have liked, as he has not been able to build up chemistry with Robin Van Persie through playing of games. Furthermore, Ivory Coast’s near certainty in qualifying for the Africans Cup means that we are likely to lose the forward for the month January,

The season has only just started. With some time, and perhaps more game. the forward would be able to replicate the form he shown that persuaded Wenger to fork out $10.5m for him. However, if he does prove to be a key men in Arsenal, it is to be hoped that Arsenal will be able to cope with his absence when he is called up for the African Cup. Below is a video which includes Gervinho’s goals, interviews and performance.

That’s all for today folks! Tomorrow’s feature would be on our very own OX-Chamberlain! To be notified of a post, please hit the subscribe button on the home page, or leave a comment and click on subscribe! Adios!


3 thoughts on “When it comes to Arsenal, sometimes, any news is bad news. Featured Proflie For Today: Gervinho.

  1. Great article, can’t wait to see gervinho fulfilling his full potential in the arsenal shirt. Shocked to hear vermalean is out for approx 2 mths

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