Typical profitting of the transfer window, but no matter, the season truly starts now.

Good day chaps!

After what has been a whirlwind of a summer, we are finally settled with a squad. There can be no more changes, unless a severe case of Diaby-ness injury strikes the squad.      ( Diaby-ness – The person is injured every season, without reason. )

The list below shows the changes to the squad:

OUT – Jens Lehmann retires, again. ( He did come back for the last few games after all, )
Gael Clichy sold to Man Cunteh, around £7m.
Denilson on loan to Sao Paulo
Jay Emmanuel Thomas sold to Ipswich Town, around £1.1m.
Kyle Bartley on loan to Rangers
Cesc Fabregas sold to Barcelona, around £35m with any future add-ons.
Pedro Botelho on loan to Rayo Vallecano
Carlos Vela on loan to Real Sociedad
Eboue sold to Galatasaray, around £3m.
Samir Nasri sold to Man Cunteh, around £25m.
Armand Traore sold to QPR, around £1m.
Joel Campbell on loan to Lorient,
Gilles Sunu sold to Lorient, around £450k.
Henri Lansbury on loan to West Ham.
Bendtner on loan to Sunderland.

In  – Carl Jenkinson bought from Charlton, around £1m.
Gervinho bought from Lille, around £10.5m.
Alex Chamberlain bought from Southampton, around £12m.
Joel Campbell bought from Deportivo Saprissa, around £1m.
Andre Santos bought from Fenerbahce, around £6.7m
Per Mertesacker bought from Werder Bremen, around £10m.
Mikael Arteta bought from Everton, around £10m.
Yossi Benayoun on loan from Chelsea.
Park Chu-Young bought from Monaco, around £3m.

Total expenditure: around  £54.2m. Total Revenue: around £72.55m
Total Profit: Approximately £18.35m

Some fans around the net are expressing outrage that the summer of spending promised by Wenger has resulted in a profit instead. However, let’s look at it from another point of view. It is rare that we would buy 5 players in the last 2 days of the window, and I am fairly sure that Wenger was  counting on Nasri not leaving this season following the departure of Fabregas.

It is apparent Wenger changed his mind last minute, as the presence of Nasri was disruptive, and we would have lost out on the £25m Man Cunteh bought him for. Hence, the club budget would have been a negative £7m if the Nasri transfer did not go through. So in some way, we did spend more this season.

There is no like-for-like replacement for Fabregas, and if rumours are true that the board has restrained Arsene from overspending so that they could divert some funds towards the wages of players like Van Persie, then the players who were able to replicate what Fabregas does for Arsenal were out of our budget. It was better to get a few decent, and experienced players, as opposed spending all our budget on getting a marque signing.  I am relatively happy with the deals done this season.

Thus, the season truly begins now. Forget the 8-2 score. Forget Nasri, but remember he is a cunt. Remember Fabregas for the joy he brought to us, but forget that he plays for Arsenal. All those stuffs are irrelevant now. We have made our purchases, and the squad is for me, significantly strengthened. Golly, I can’t wait till we meet Swansea and see how our new signings are going to impact us! Echoing my view is Rosicky, who I might had, had a decent start to the season so far. He believes we too should forget about the mauling by Manchester United and said:

I thought I had experienced everything in football but I was wrong”, he said. “It was the worst hammering I have experienced in football. There is probably no sense in commenting on the game after such a hammering. The best you can do is to forget and start from the scratch. We will definitely discuss it when everyone returns from international duty but there is no point about speaking about it now.

Up next, Arteta has spoken of his reason for joining Arsenal, and said:

It is a big opportunity for me and my family and I think it is the right time for me to take it. It is a big challenge, a different challenge, fresh for me and I want to see myself on the biggest stage, the Champions League. I am 29 years old so I haven’t got much time left to take a chance like this one.

See lads, the importance of the Champions League. Thank goodness we managed to qualify, I shudder to think who would have been signed if we failed to make it through. I am glad that the Spaniard himself realise he is no longer young, and that he has to make the chance count. He brings desire, determination, and most essentially, maturity. The last factor is important, as it can make the difference in a heated match, or a match where by the odds are going against you. The presence of Arteta is sure to benefit Wilshere and Ramsey, and hopefully the squad in general. Ramsey himself has welcomed the move, which bodes well for team spirit and morale.

In other news, Mickey Bendtner has swore never to return to Arsenal as a player again. Shame, considering the potential he has. This was one departure I disagreed with, considering his scoring ratio, and Chamakh’s poor form. However, the young Dane has stated:

That is over one-and-a-half years with no real chance to prove myself. I am really looking forward to playing for Sunderland and then we will see next summer. I will find a new club – but I will not go back to Arsenal, that’s for sure.”

Well, too bad then.

In the international scene, Rhys Murphy represented Ireland in the U21 and scored the winning goal against Hungary. Henri Lansbury and Alex Chamberlain both played in the U21 match 6-0 win against Azerbaijian for England. Lansbury assisted and scored two goals, both of which were provided by Ox-Chamberlain. The Ox believes that being at Arsenal has helped in to be more confident being in Stuart Pearce squad. He says:

I wasn’t used to the big names that played in the Premier League, and being more involved and around it at Arsenal now, you realise it is a step-up. It’s all about applying yourself right and making better decisions more often, which is what these boys do. It is good for me being at Arsenal, I feel I have had to step my levels up and that has helped me with England.

That should be all for today! Be sure to check back tomorrow, where I will be posting a profile of our newest signings, one everyday until we have covered them all. Their playing history, their fact files, statistics and maybe videos if I can get them! So be sure to subscribe to my site by leaving a comment below and clicking on the subscribe button if you want to be notified!

With that, I leave you with the video of Lansbury and Chamberlain featuring in the Englands U21 match.

Lansbury and Chamberlain by arsenalbystander


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