Who’s coming, who’s leaving?! More importantly, WHAT IS D-DAY?!

Today is potentially a day that could make or break our season. D-day could stand for lots of things. Dreaded-day. Destruction day. Deliverance day, Dick-Head-Traore Day. Sorry, I will name 28/08/11 as Dick-Head-Traore Day instead. No, today is technically Transfer deadline day. All businesses have to be done by 11pm, which is around 11hours or so, and any businesses concluded after 11pm has to be appealed and approved by the FA.

Before we get all excited and tweet non-stop about the zillion players linked for us, let me state that the most reliable website out there is Arsenal.com. So we may listen to the more reliable news networks, and hope that there is some truth in the report, but nothing more. Just 5minutes ago some spoof journalist twitter was going on about how Hazard handed in a transfer request to force a move through to Arsenal, and predictably, the whole net is probably buzzing now with this false news. The power of social media, ah. But sorry folks that is false, I repeat, false.

Mickey Bendtner is taking the piss again, and stating that there is a chance he may be staying, whereas Chamakh may be likely to leave on loan. Arseblog has always been relatively reliable, and if this is true, I wouldn’t be one of the unhappy few that he is staying. His scoring record, though not prolific, is decent for somebody who plays from the bench, and in last season’s case, out of position as well. I still feel he has something to prove, and with a change in his I-AM-KING attitude, may actually make something out of his career with Arsenal. However, despite all that has been said, Stokes are reportedly in talks with the Danish, and god bless him should he chose to go to those cunts. I will never forget how you broke Ramsey’s leg Shawcross, and how you robbed us of him for a season when he was actually impressing and starting to perform.

Park Chu-Young, the South Korean captain was officially unveiled yesterday by the club, and given the no.9 shirt, which is historically jinxed considering its past recipients. Jeffers, Reyes, Baptista, Eduardo….Jesus…. Well, eh, 5th time’s the charm aye? As said many times, he is 26 years old, and experienced, and should be seen more as a stop-gap measure. Chu-Young is liable for national service before the age of 30, and hence needs to return to Korea at the age of 28, giving him 2 and a half years with Arsenal, hence the 2 years contract. The ony way he can escape from this fate is to win something at the Olympics next year, and hope for an exemption just like his famous cousin, Park Ji-Sung. The Korean has voiced his happiness at joining the club, and said:

I’m really happy to be at Arsenal. In my opinion this is a great club. Now I have to show what I can do on the pitch. I will do my best, I will never give up, I will show heart and I will give everything I hope you will support me.”

As long as you stay true to your words, show that you play your hearts out for Arsenal, I am pretty sure majority of the fans would support you Ju-Young!

And on to new signings! Which Sagna is hoping to see after returning from international duties. We all are, we all are. Unfortunately, nothing has been reported on the Arsenal official site yet, so while we all wait tortuously for some news to make us cry in relief, here are some news that are being reported so as to garner a glimpse of hope in our bleak future given our dismal squad right now.

Andre Santos has officially joined Arsenal FC. Great, that’s one leftback problem solved, but who is gonna be his back up if Gibbs keeps getting injured? Hmm. Oh well let’s not spoil the mood! The player has stated how happy he is to be at Arsenal and says:

I am delighted to have signed for Arsenal. It was one of my dreams to play for a major European football club and I have accomplished this. I am very happy to be part of this team.

Next up! Our interest in Cahill has reportedly waned due to the exorbitant price Bolton placed on him. As I said yesterday, this may have led to our interest in Per Mertesacker, as the latter is coming at or with:

1) Cheaper Price,
2) Vast Experience (75 caps for Germany, has Champions League games under his belt), and
3) Height, which may help in defending against set pieces, something which has been kind of our Achilles Heel in recent seasons.

Skysports have reported that Per Mertesacker has agreed terms and passed a medical. I happen to rely on Skysports and Soccernet more as 50% of the time they are right. The other 50% is bullshit, as compared to the 70% by other papers like the Daily Star. Read this report by Daily Star to understand why. ( If you read it and you haven’t spot the rubbish, well, Chamakh arrived on a free and not for £15m, Pfffft ) So fingers crossed that this turns out to be true as well.

Last but not least, Manuel Vargas has also been linked with Arsenal. The only knowledge I have of him happens to be from Football Manager, and unless you agree with the game developers about his stats, he is an unknown quantity to me. However, no smoke without fire, and the smoke happens to be so thick right now we have to wonder whether there is some truth in this.  Happy for anyone to provide info on him and tell me how good he is if he does come to us!

Given the tight timeline, it can be argued that Mertesacker and Andre Santos would most likely be our last signings for this window, however, Wenger has always managed signings at the last hour, so hopefully we would have some nice surprises!

And that’s all I have at the moment, or rather the more concrete news so far! I would be hanging around my desk with beer to accompany me while I provide updates! Share your thoughts and views of the players so far, and subscribe too if you don’t want to miss out on the latest news!

So have a good day, and hopefully tomorrow’s post would be on the 100 new signings Wenger signed in the 11th hour!

Update: Per Mertesacker is set to join Arsenal finally, subjected to formalities!
Sunu and Joel Campbell has joined Lorient permanently and on a season loan respectively, while Lansbury has joined the Hammers for a season loan.


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