Sunday mid-noon Horror Flick. Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal.

Good day folks. I hope you guys enjoyed yesterday afternoon’s horror film of the century, Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal, starring Rooney and Gang. It was epic, with scenes being played out accordingly. Goal by Welbeck 1-0Goal by Young 2-0, Goal By Rooney 3-0, Goal By Walcott 3-1 Goal By Rooney 4-1, Goal By Nani 5-1Goal By Park Ji Sung 6-1, Goal by Van Persie 6-2, Goal By Rooney 7-2, Goal by Yound 8-2 can be found by clicking on the names. Still trying to get the other videos like Van Persie’s penalty miss, and match highlights, so meanwhile, match report is available over here at Arseblog News.

This is not a winning-eleven picture.

It has been more than 100 years since we shipped in 8 goals, and allowed ourselves the biggest loss ever under Wenger. Needless to say, this is ridiculous and painful. I have been following Arsenal since a kid, and nothing has hurted me as much as yesterday’s horror showing at Old Trafford, that I allowed myself a tear at the end of the final whistle, both from relief that the beating stops, and at the way we allowed ourselves to capitulate to Manchester United.

I have been relatively optimistic when it comes to this young team. Even yesterday I was sure we could come away with a win. I am starting to doubt myself. So bad. However, I will still save my criticism till transfer window closes in 2 days. Yes that’s right, 2 days before the damn window closes.

Yesterday’s performance was woeful. The defense was porous, Djourou seems to be deproving, Kosieclny average without Vermaelen to guide him, Jerkinson understandably poor due to his inexperience and Traore, the poor performing player that nobody wants to buy him after we tried to sell him for nearly two season. The twat was even chewing gum during the match. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO CONCENTRATE WITH GUM IN YOUR MOUTH YOU CUNT?

However, the backfour are not to be blamed for all the goals. In two of Rooney’s freekick, the wall did not even jump to put Rooney off, and both times the ball went in. This is a basic routine, to jump when a freekick is taken, but even after the first goal, Arsenal did not seem to learn its lesson the first time round and, well, they got punished again in the second.

We were also not helped by our 3rd red card in as many league games. This time, the culprit was Jerkinson. The ill-discipline issue has been discussed many times, but it does not seem to be heeded. Even though the game was dead and buried at that time, but seeing how decimated our squad is already, another suspension is not welcomed.

And the fault is partly the board’s and Wenger’s. Why have we allowed ourselves to be in a situation whereby youngsters plying their trades in League One last season ended up playing against Manchester United yesterday? In defense, we have allowed our first-choice left back to leave, and hoping to replace him with Gibbs, who has been injury prone, and his back up Traore, a player we have been trying to sell for nearly 2 seasons. In right back, our back up player Eboue has left, and replaced by a kid who was only playing League One last season.

The defeat has highlighted the distinct difference in quality between Arsenal and the reigning champions. We do need reinforcements urgently, and Wenger may say that signings may not be the answer to everything, but his current squad have just shown how good they are against Manchester United. 8-2.  He even attempted to push the blame onto our 8 players out from suspension and injuries. Even though we had 8 players out yesterday, how many of those 8 players would have been considered as quality players?

Even if they were playing yesterday, we cannot expect them to be playing every game this season. We need adequate back ups, and players who are able to inject some freshness to this ailing team. A look at our bench yesterday, and as I said, any opponents would be laughing their pants off. We have absolutely no quality from the bench. Most the players on the bench yesterday wouldn’t even be known to anyone in the streets of London, and even Arsenal fans might struggle to name the players. Hopefully we will see some new signings, fast, soon, please.

To end on a positive note, we must salute the away fans yesterday. The 3000-odd supporters who out-sang the Man Utd supporters for 15minutes. You guys simply did us proud, and this has been acknowledged by even the players themselves, namely the Captain Van Persie and Jacky Wilshere.

For the truly upset fans, here’s another way to deal with it. Switch team. No! Not to Man Cunteh, we are Gunners, obviously it is Arsenal we are supporting, but the ladies team! No fear of such humilation, after all, the ladies have won the league! Hahah, how’s that for positive thinking?

Have a good day mates, and more beers too, we all need it.

Update: If you are one of the away fans at Old Trafford,, Arsenal FC has offered to reimburse you another away ticket in the future. Good on you folks, you guys deserved it, and credits to the Club for doing something right.


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