Manchester United Vs Arsenal Preview, and screwing Lille over Park Chu Young.

Morning mates! Apparently rumours  are flying around that Too ( his name sounds  like “too”, maybe that is why Wenger bought him, TOO YOUNG? OKAY YOU FIT IN WITH MY PLANS JOIN THE WENGER KIDDY TEAM. ) Chu Young, from Monaco is on his way to the Arsenal, and having a medical soon. This after he had a first medical with Lille already, and so close to joining Lille on a permanent basis. Hahaha. Any chance of Lille doing business with us for Hazard you guys reckon? Bye bye Hazard.

I have stated that we do need a striker, numerous times indeed. However, what I wished for is a proven and prolific striker, someone who can step up and take over Van Persie’s mantle. Chu Young’s stats from Monaco website reads at a total of 103 appearances, and 26 goals, 12 of which came  in the Ligue 1 last season. Not exactly the best of strikers aye?

So while I am happy at another signing, I will remain skeptical until he proves himself in the Premier League. This is no time to be signing players that needs time to adapt to the league. Supporters are disgruntled, and we want trophies. We would not be so willing to accept that our players were not able to perform because they are still adapting to the league. Then damn well go out there and buy the players that are already effective in the Premier League! Reckon we would hear something later today about this with 3 days left in the transfer windows.

We have also drew League 2 Shrewsbury Town in the Carling Cup, great, more chances to see our upcoming youngsters given a run out. Lucky us I suppose.

Joel Campbell has also lost his application for a special talent visa. Quite how the FA works I won’t understand. Miyaichi, uncapped for Japan = special talent. Joel Campbell full Costa Rica international player = Not good enough. ?!?!?! Jesus. Am not sure whether Wenger would appeal, but the youngster is set for a good long loan away from Arsenal. Fucking FA cunts.

For the game later this afternoon! The game against Manchester United at Old Trafford, so far no news on the availability of Vermaelen.  The usual suspects Wilshere, Gibbs, Squilaci and Diaby are still out. Sagnal is allegedly sick.  Song, Frimpong and Gervinho are suspended. This match could see afew of our youngsters feature should any one on the pitch get injured later. According to Young Guns, Francis Coquelin is in line to take Song’s and Frimpong position and start tonight. Lansbury, Miquel, Traore, Sunu and Ozyakup are on the bench. Not sure how accurate is this, but if the report is true, then this is a bench that is sure to inspire joy in our opponents. Hence I predict the team to look like this:

Szczesny, Traore, Jerkinson, Djourou, Koscielny, Ramsey, Rosicky, Coquelin, Walcott, Arshavin, Van Persie.

The team has been truly decimated by injuries and suspension. Hence it is important to maintain our discipline. Red cards has costed us precious points in the first two games. Manchester United against Arsenal has always been a fiery event. Tempers will rise, so will studs. It is up to Robin van Perise, as skipper, to cool down the squad, and make sure that there are no stupid tackles or hitting of opponents. This fact is not lost on Wenger, who agrees that our stupidity has been costing us some points.

Manchester United are the current Champions, their team are strengthened, whereas we lost 2 key players so far, and our first choice left back. We are decidedly weaker. But if we play the pressing game, maintain the discipline, we should be able to give Manchester United a hard time.  Furthermore, we were the best away team last season, even without Fabregas and Vermaelen, and the statistics don’t lie. Arsenal is more than competent enough to compete with on a level playing field with Manchester United, and should aim to win this game.

Winning might kick start our season, and give the players the motivation they all need. This might be just the start of the season, but by not winning we are allowing title competitors like Man Cunteh, Chelsea and Liverpool to pull further ahead of us. We do not need this scenario. It is best to keep up and pull ahead as soon as possible. Losing should not be an acceptable result. So no matter who is put out on the pitch, they have to give their 200%, and make sure the devils bleed tears at their home ground.

That’s all for today! Leave your views and thoughts, and subscribe to my blog so that you will receive the latest posts, news and videos as soon as they are available!  Ciao! COME ON YOU GUNNERS!


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