Tricky Champions League Group, 5 days left for any transfer mayhem.

The Champions League draw for Arsenal was made yesterday and we were handed a tricky group with Marseille, Olympiakos and Borussia Dortmund.

Dortmund are last seasons Bundesliga champions with a huge lead, Olympiakos were Champions of the greek league as well. Marseille were runners-up in the French league.  It would be premature to make predictions on how we are going to fare right now seeing that the squad is still tentative, with the transfer window still open. However, based on our current squad, I’d say it would be a fight between Marseille, Arsenal and Dortmund.

On the transfer front, not much news though speculations are mounting as the closing date draws nearer. However, Club Secretary David Mills said:

I think that you’ll appreciate I can’t exactly give you specifics but certainly everyone is committed. If there’s quality players to be brought in I’ve got every faith in Arsene Wenger that he’ll do so. As you rightly say we’ve got just under a week. I’ve been involved myself in some last minute transfers so until the window actually closes I think that we’re still open for business.”

It is worrying to hear nothing concrete with so short time left, but it has been fairly typical of Arsenal for a few seasons running to buy at the last minute. If the staffs say they are working on it, then all we can do is trust them and get behind the team hoping to spur them on..

With at least 50m, I am pretty sure Arsene is able to find quality players. They may not be in the Messi / Ronaldo league, but good enough to be in just-arrived-at-Arsenal-Arshavin quality players. The win against Udinese has done nothing to dispel the notion that we are not good enough. Against Udinese, the defense was worried many times by a 32 year-old forward, and I believe that an additional defender is needed.

Against Udinese, Sagnal was utilised as the left back, while Jerkinson filled in for him at right back. This is really a worry, what if Sagnal got injured, who would be left to deputised in the left back position? Traore is rated poorly, considering we gave a debut to Jerkinson instead of him, Gibbs has been too injury-prone to make the left-back slot his own. A new left back, and another center back would be welcomed in my opinion.

The center of midfield is also looking treacherously thin. Wenger may give the o’cock & bull story about how Diaby and Wilshere recovery from injuries are going to be like new signings but they are not enough. Hopefully we will hear more news on this front.

This time last year, a new keeper was being clamoured for by all quarters. However, Szczesny, our stand-out performer so far has quieten those calls. He has insisted that the team is behind the boss. It is a good thing to hear as harmony = good morale = better performance. With all the drama gone by now, the team ought to be stable and able to focus on the tasks at hand. And the next task is against Manchester United. More on that on match day.

In other news, Frimpong has been selected for England U-21, despite pledging allegiance to Ghana. I would prefer it if Fabby does call him up to the senior squad so as to prevent Frimpong from going to the Africans Nation Cups come year end. However it is complicated as Ghana can still call Frimpong up, so it all depends on the choice of Frimpong.

That’s all for today, see you tomorrow chummpies!


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