Udinese 1-2 Arsenal, Nasri takes a cheap shot at Arsenal and Fabregas still feels like he belongs.

Hi-lo all! Apologies for the really late post!

1-2 TO THE Arsenal! I can’t really comment much on the match as I missed it but seeing the match highlights (click here for videos) I must say we do love to give ourselves a challenge. We won another away game, we scored 2 goals, and Szczesny is really proving to be a brilliant keeper. I believe that his out-of-this-world penalty save was the turning point of the game ( Click here for the video). Here is the  match report by Arseblog News.

Udinese captain Natale caused some worries by scoring with a looping header ( click here for video ) over Szczesny in the 39th min, leaving the tie 1-1 at the break. However, shortly after the 2nd half began, Van Persie scored our first goal ( Click here for video ) after Gervinho drove down the left and crossed-shot into the penalty area, with a grateful Persie ready to side foot it past the goalkeeper, and according to 7amkickoff, he is 22 goals from 26 appearances in 2011. It would be greatly helpful if you could plunder 3 against Manchester this weekend Capt’n, no pressure! And stay out of injury that is. I pray I did not just jinxed him. Walcott scored the 2nd goal  (click here for video ) to ease our nerves and that meant that Udinese had to score 3 goals to dump us out.

The team’s spirit and character was hailed, and credited for the win against Udinese. That doesn’t mean we don’t need players. We still do, one win is not going to make us Champions. That would be stooping to the level of Spurs ( Hahaha what no Champions League again Spurs?) Kudos to Jack Wilshere for telling spurs fan we won’t be joining them this year in Europa We love you jack! Arsenal’s current batch of youngsters are being so vocal and voicing out what we fans love to hear nowadays.

Wenger has also stated that players are being chased, however no names now. Classic Arsene. He did admit that being in CL does help to attract players so hopefully some transfers in soon, 5 more days to go. Jesus christ. One player linked to us is Niang, who plays for Caen in French. Never heard of him before, and because he is a striker, this isn’t gonna excite me very much. We need midfielders more than strikers right now, but oh well, the more the merrier in case Van Persie’s choco leg acts up again.

The latest departure Nasri-cunt has decided to fire a parting salvo at Arsenal, saying he was “forced” out because Arsenal wasn’t ambitious enough anymore to be competing for titles. I am pretty sure you leaving would have aided us in being more competitive you piece of cunt. He even had the audacity to claim Arsenal fans are not as passionate as Man City players just because we don’t tattoo ourselves. Christ, I bet Narsri has money signs tattoo-ed all over his body the bloody cunt. Maybe Nasri can try tattooing his ass with $$ too.

Former captain Fabregas felt joyous for us,and I sincerely hope that he does return to us one day. He let slip the word we many times, :

But I think after we saved the penalty the game became more comfortable for us and I think we played very well. I’m very happy for Arsenal and their fans because they deserve to be in the Champions League.

“It’s a big boost for the club and the players, because it is a very difficult season and I am sure from they will get so much confidence they can move forward.”

Highbury was a special thing that I don’t think will happen anymore, but we have to make… Arsenal have to make the Emirates their own home now and with their own cabinet of trophies to start all over again.”

Glad to see you still feel as one of us, why did you have to go!

And to end off for the really late post, draw for Champions League group is out!

Group F – Arsenal / Marseille / Olympiakos / Borussia Dortmund

Not an easy group, but more on that tomorrow! Cheers!


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