Arsenal prepares for Udinese while Nasri prepares to be a cunt at Man City.

Bon jour moi fellow gooners.

Earth shattering news! Arsenal has agreed with Man City for Nasri and the move is subject to formalities right now. I knew he couldn’t resist the hoovercraft / spaceship they were offering him. The reported fee is around £25m, and for a player who managed 125 appearances and 27 goals, and on his last year of contract, you can’t really say that is a bad deal.

Furthermore, it can be argued that Nasri presence in the squad is disruptive, as shown by twitter messages between Wilshere and Frimpong. Wilshere wished Nasri the best of luck (now why would you do that Jack?) and Frimpong replied with a :”@JackWilshere: Good luck to my friend @Nanas08 (mr Nasri) learnt a lot from him. World class player! Will be missed!”Pffffff comeon Jack“. And i say, GOOD FOR YOU FRIMPONG.

So, so long Nasri, be prepared to hear the cunt song  whenever you come to the Emirates because now you are really a cunt.

Nasri’s departure right now seems like a bad timing because our squad seems to be decimating at a rate whereby half the first team this season would be made up of 6 years-old players. However, like Le boss states, keeping a disillusioned player is not going to help matters, and it would be better to cash in on him now instead of next season for nothing. Aye, we agree with you Boss, but where is his replacement?! No, its not Hazard. Lille’s coach Paquet have dismissed suggestions of Hazard being sold and that is that.

The  correct answer which Arsene replied with is Chamberlain and Gervinho. FOR NOW THAT IS. Arsene says that they are working on bringing new players to the club, but the priority should be on tonight’s game. Which does make sense as I reckon players are waiting to learn if they will be involved in Champions League or Europa Feeders League. After which the midfield is a priority for him to sort out within 7 days left in the transfer market.

Which brings us to today’s game preview. The squad has been named for today’s game. Wilshere’s injury has worsen and there are talks that he would be looking at 2 – 3 weeks out.  Koscielny is also out, and only fighting chance to be in for Manchester United. Djourou, Traore have recovered, whereas Song and Frimpong are not barred by the suspensions in the Premier League. The Boss has also seen his suspension withheld for the time being until the UEFA committee can get together, smoke some weed, get high and toss Wenger another 3 match ban.

It would be interesting to see what team gets put out today. I am expecting

Szczesny, Sagna, Vermaleen, Djourou, Traore, Song, Ramsey, either Arshavin or Frimpong, Gervinho, Van Persie and Walcott.

Being in the lead, it means we can afford to soak up the pressure and attack on the counter, hence pace in Walcott would be required. However, maybe Arshavin would be replaced by Frimpong so that we have two holding midfielders to break up Udinese plays. I am struggling to see where our creative outlet is going to be found should Arshavin be dropped. He may be struggling for form but when he does hit his form he could be our knight in shining armour.

Frimpong impressed against Liverpool on saturday, until his sending off. However, tonight’s game is so huge and the pressure is sure to be high that i fear the youngster would be unable to cope and let the pressure get to his head again. Frimpong has said that he wants Alex Song role. I say leave Frimpong out of it till the last 20minutes of the game or so when we have a commanding lead, so as to shore up the defence. Having him on at the start now would be risky.

It has been repeated many times how important CL is to us. We need to attract players with CL games, and the revenue it brings in also gives us purchasing power, though how it can be compared to Man City and Chelsea’s budget I am baffled. I still am sure we can make it through, the defense with Vermaelen leading them are playing quite well, Szczesny is proving to be an assured No.1. So trying to maintain a 1-0 lead may be possible. It is the midfield’s and up front’s ability to perform that worries me. Having a second goal means that Udinese has to score 3 goals to dump us out. Not that it is a scenario i relish, my poor heart has enough attacks already.

So, looking forward to tonight’s game, and the performance and result tonight should more or less tell us what to expect against Manchester United for the weekend. 0-0 is what I predict, and hopefully Arsenal proves me wrong by winning the game! COME ON YOU GUNNERS!


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