Arsene ready to rumble UEFA’s office while Arsenal’s pulling factor going down.

According to an exclusive by Arseblog News, Arsene Wenger would be appealing against his 2 match ban.


Apparently key to his appeal is that there were witnesses around when the delegation from UEFA gave him the go-ahead to use mobile phone communication. And if UEFA refuses to listen and dismiss the 2 match ban I say they are cock full of shit. It has been reported many times that permission was sought and given. It was more a case of mis-communication rather than a urge to challenge the authorities. UEFA has never been smart. Financial fair play has been mooted but yet we see Man City receiving sponsorship from their own owners companies, in a deal of £400m to cover their losses from the purchase of players. Why waste time and resources on Arsene on something so trivial and allow blatant disregard of fair play by Man City? UEFA, you deserve two thumbs up. In your ass.

I thought the match was tonight, but apparently its on tomorrow, so match preview would be delayed till tomorrow as well! Squad news would be released by if you can’t wait.

In transfer news, Juan Mata, the player rumoured to replace Cesc Fabregas / Samir Nasri has stated that he rejected Arsenal. He says that money was not a factor, rather it was the ability to challenge for trophies which was important.

I want to come to England to win trophies – and that’s why I accepted Chelsea’s offer,” Mata told The Sun. “It was also a question of sporting achievement, not money. Arsenal and Tottenham were both interested in me but they did not compare with the Blues.”

The good news is that we know Arsene is working hard to secure signings, and trying to replace the void left by Fabregas, and possibly Nasri. However, so far all attempts of doing so has been rejected. The pull of Arsenal has suddenly fallen so far down that we are mentioned as being in the same category as Spurs. Oh my lord……god have mercy on us. But not on Juan Mata, you cunt. If you didn’t wanna come, don’t! BUT DON’T EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER, PLACE US ALONGSIDE SPURS.

According to Redknapp though was that we offered less in terms of wage. It is the sad state of football that Arsenal is unable to compete with the likes of Man City and Chelsea in offering exorbitant wages. It may be the sad reason why everyday we are just speculating but not able to bring in anybody.

However, to rectify this, only one thing can done. Win. Professional players play to win, and if we can’t win them with money we need to draw them in with the blings blings in silverware.

And winning must start from tomorrow night. Here is the equation,

Win the tie = get into Champions League = Get more players as players wanna play in CL.

Win the tie =  get into CL = get more television revenue = more money for wages and transfers.

Win. That is all we must aim to do right now.

Update: Arsenal has agreed terms with Man City for Nasri. More on that tomorrow.


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