UEFA bans Arsene Wenger. Being suspended seems to be a trend.

Good day folks. Bad news today I’m afraid. Wenger has been banned by UEFA for two matches for the use of a mobile phone to communicate with Pat Rice. Wow like really? That makes Arsene the 5th person in Arsenal to be suspended since the start of the season. Within a week! There’s gotta be some kind of conspiracy against the Arsenal right now.

Wenger has been made the sacrificial lamb in my opinion. The sucker who is meant to show UEFA means business with anyone who flouts their rules even though they did give the go-ahead to Wenger in the first place. Talking about double standard, who can recall the Mourinho’s incident and what did Mafia-ish UEFA do? Nuts. Zilch. The cunts. Even after Mourinho admitted it for the world to see in his autobiography. So we lose our manager again for the tie against Udinese. We would deal with it tomorrow for the preview against Udinese.

But on the disciplinary issue, it is a cause for concern. It may just be the start of the season but sense has got to be knocked into the team. Arsene is first and foremost the manager of Arsenal. He has to lead by example and show a willingness to comply with rules no matter how cocked up it seems to be. Or, in army terms, be tactical about how you are gonna flout the rules. I remember in my army days, our most common saying was: “Do something wrong, don’t get caught, be tactical about it.” If you wanna message Paty, sure go ahead, just do it discreetly and deny anything the UEFA cunts throw onto you. Demand evidence or tell them to stuff their head in their arse. I fully expect Capt’n Persie to let the team know that they can ill-afford to carry on with the ill-discipline. Whip the lot of them if you must Capt’n.

Nothing much transpired today in terms of transfer news. Mancini is now openly admitting that they are chasing Nasri and that if he does play in the CL against Udinese it would be bad for them. I don’t give a toothshit what you think Mancini but if Nasri gives Arsenal a higher chance of winning, then you can cock off and watch him play in Udinese.

Being so quiet today, Pires decides to help the poor fans and voiced out what all fans are crying for. He says:

The time has come for Arsene Wenger to think about investing the money from player sales into players with experience and more of a guarantee.

Thanks bobby, hopefully the boss get sicks and tired of hearing this and splurge on a player to shut us all up. Hopefully.

And that’s it for today, till tomorrow, hopefully with more news to spice up our already dull and sad life.


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