Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool, Arsenal in a crisis? Not quite yet.

What the flying fuck.

I watched the replay for god knows how many times,  and as many times I thought to myself, what the flying fuck. An Ramsey own goal from a clearance ( click here for video ). What the flying fuck. But we will come to that in a short while, and Frimpong’s red card as well ( click here for video). Lets discuss the match.

The match started as per normal, some jeers for Nasri, expected but unnecessary. Then, as a sign of things to come, and perhaps a sign of inexperience as well, in the 8th min Frimpong squared up to Henderson at the touchline and resulted in him being booked for trying to be a tough bloke. I have no idea why he did that, maybe he was trying to prevent Henderson from making a fast free-throw and to prevent a goal from being conceded. The main thing is, seeing how some referees are trigger-happy with their dishing of cards, Frimpong should not have sized up with Henderson.

Next, in the 14th min, my worst fear came through, Koscielny injured his back. I was stating yesterday how catastrophic it would be if any of our center-backs or center midfielders got injured in the match as we have half the first-team on injuries and suspension at the moment. Damn I jinxed Arsenal. Ignasi Miquel took his place, making his Arsenal debut in the Premier League.

20th min, Andy Carrol header brought a brilliant save from Szczesny, and I heaved a sigh of reliefs. I have a feeling that I would be doing alot of sighs and thanking Szezesny this season. We finally made a shot on goal in the 30th minute, through Frimpong, whose 20-25 yards shot from goal made Reina work for his moolah. 2nd half started and we were playing well, but lacking the killer pass as usual. There was a decent chance in the 67th minute when Arshavin’s pass was met by Van Persie and turned goal-wards, however Reina was equal to the task, and made a decent block to put it behind for a corner.

Then came the moment of inexperience and stupidity in the 70th minute, Frimpong went in for a 50-50 challenge. No harm done there. But then he left his foot high and caught Lucas in the shin. Ref was 5 yards away. No escape for you Frim frim. A second yellow card, lucky it was not a straight red but anyhow, Arsenal down to 10 men.

The sending off, I can accept, Frimpong was only playing his first league game for Arsenal, and inexperience as he is, it is ultimately Wenger’s fault for not buying players that he has to rely on our current crop of youngsters. The 78th min, the retardo goal. Suarez made a run into the box, and Miquel, in his first league game as well, cleared the ball. ONTO RAMSEY’S CHEST AND INTO THE GOAL. JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?! How fucking unlucky can we get?! But 0-1, no sweat, we are the Arsenal, we are at home, we can do this and get the 1-1 draw we deserve.

No, it was not to be. 90th min, Suarez tapped in a goal from close range ( click here for video ) after Meireles got through our backline and slotted a pass to him. 0-2 Liverpool. (Click here for extended Match highlights)

After the game Wenger fed us with the usual BS which I am sick of hearing and repeating so go read it yourself chaps.

The way the game was lost is both stupid and cruel. If not for Frimpong’s stupidity in  incurring two silly yellow cards which could have been avoided, we would have 11 men on the pitch, and in with a fighting chance of coming away with something. Frimpong is still young, and until his red card yesterday, looked real good. I, for one, am eager to see how he develops in the future. But Frimpong is still raw, and can’t be expected to replace Alex Song this season. For his red card, we also lose him for the match against Manchester United. This is simply a midfield nightmare for Arsene Wenger. The first goal itself required a huge amount of luck to go in that way. I  really pitied Miquel and Ramsey. Falling behind forced us to try and search for an equaliser with an already average team, and opened up our defense, leading to the second goal.

However, before the doombringers all start coming out and baying for Wenger’s head and proclaiming our descent into the Championship division, this is really only our second game of the season. Wenger still has 11 10 days before the market closes and he has got to do what is necessary to make the team a competitive one. Just one look at our current squad and the injuries and suspension will leave your mouth open gaping wide. We still can improve, and improve we must before the visit to Udinese and Manchester United.

Until we have played more matches and perform poorly in them, we must not pass our judgment that Arsenal is in a spiral downwards. No, Arsenal is not in a crisis.    Yet.


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