Arsenal Vs Liverpool. Finally some transfer activites.

Let’s begin with the transfer news.

In a bid to bolster his midfield, Arsene has tried to get Marseille playmaker, Lucho Gonzalez, on loan.  However this bid has been rejected. At least we are getting confirmation that Wenger is working on getting some players. Well, I hope Plan B is next, and it works out fine.

Apparently, we are also involved in the chase for 16 year-old wunderkid, Andy Polo. I haven’t seen the kid yet, but I like his name already! Sounds like $ to me. Just give him 2-3 years to be sold to Barcelona/ManCity. Pardon my skepticism, but I am lusting over older, and more experienced players at the moment.

AND YES! A TRANSFER IN! Joel Campbell. His transfer has finally been confirmed, and is awaiting for his work permit to be granted. If it doesn’t work out, he would most probably be sent out on loan to la liga. Don’t foresee it being rejected after Ryo had his special talent permit approved. The youngster himself says:

I play forward, both sides or in the middle. I’m good in one-against-ones and I am a player who knows how to score goals. For sure I am ready, in football you must always be prepared to give the best for whatever team. I am very happy to be here and I want to focus on doing well for Arsenal.”

Hopefully, he is as good as he says, for Arsene has confirmed that the youngsters brought in this season are more than likely to feature in his first-team plans this season. He says:

““If you look at the players we have brought in, you’ll notice we have brought top quality players in. Jenkinson, Gervino, Miyaichi, Chamberlain, you will soon see they are all top quality players. We haven’t lost so many players. We have lost some big players but numbers wise we should be capable to do well.

Sorry boss. I beg to differ. I do not think the squad is capable enough this season, and we are in fact a weaker team as compared to last season. But I would be happy to be proven wrong. After 6 years of waiting I am sure another season is not a problem.

In today’s game, there is quite a number of players missing out either through injury or suspension. Gervinho and Song are suspended for their moment of madness. Diaby and Wilshere are still injured. Djourou, Traore and Gibbs have not recovered too. Rosicky has been rested. That means we fairly short in numbers in both the back, and in the center of the park. I shudder to think what would happen if anyone in those positions get injured today.

On to better news, Ryo and Nasri are in the squad. Despite being a cunt, Nasri is still essentially one of our creative outlets. Unless Arshavin manages to find back his form of yester-decade, we do require Nasri services. However, he did not help abate the situation with his mouthing-off on facebook because of this song. But do remember, getting on his back in today’s match is not aiding Arsenal’s cause. We need to support the team, and to do that we need to give Nasri no distractions such as the boos and song. Until he leaves Arsenal FC on monday.

Judging by our last 2 matches, our creating of chances are going to be few. Hence there is a real need to take those chances should they come our way. Fans and supporters alike are crying out that we would be torn apart by Liverpool. I disagree. I believe our defense is resolute enough to withstand whatever Liverpool throws at us. And the added-assurance of a quality keeper provided by Szcesny is sure to come in handy. We are the home team there is no reason why we should be intimidated by Liverpool. Instead, the fans should do their best to make Liverpool shit their pants.

Yea, I bet they will. They will shit their bloody pants from laughing too much when they look at our bench that is. *Liverpool players looks at Arsenal’s bench, sees Ryo Miyaichi, Bendtner, Chamberlain… BWAHAHAHAHAHHA! Shits their pants.*

So, if we take our chances I would say 1-0 to the Arsenal! COME ON YOU GUNNERS!


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