Uefa probes Arse-ne and Cesc’s return.

We begin the day with news that UEFA are investigating Arsene Wenger for use of the mobile phone to text messages to Pat Rice during the Udinese match even though he was suspended. Below shows Arsene in squatting position, ready for the deep searching probe.

"Here we go again...."

In his defense, Arsene feigned ignorance. He blamed the ambiguity of the rules and said:

They told us first we could communicate through my assistant and at half-time it was not like that. It was a bit confusing. We tried to respect the rules as they are set by UEFA but, of course, it is very difficult to see how you can stop someone having an influence.”

Haha. You got a degree in economics, Boss, you ain’t no fool. UEFA is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill in my opinion. I remember in 2005, Mourinho allegedly using his ear piece to communicate with Rui  Faria, and nothing came out of it. So to be fined or even have his suspension extended would be ridiculous, especially after UEFA gave the go-ahead. Bloody cunts.

Wenger also did raise the notion of Fabregas returning to Arsenal in the future. He says:

We are thankful for the joy he has brought to us over eight years. “It was a pleasure for the club to work with him.  Maybe it will happen again, he left at a very young age.”

This was a thought that continually played in my head when Fabregas left. He is indeed young, and I am hopeful that after 5,6 years and achieving all that he could with Barcelona, he may wish to return to Arsenal and re-attempt to achieve success here. Lets all pray to all the gods there is in this world, and hope that this may happen.

Ahead of tomorrow’s match, Arsene also provided some team news. First up, are the injured parties. Gibbs is out for 2 weeks at least. Meaning, he misses Liverpool, Udinese, and Manchester United. Traore, the back up replacement, is also injured with the Boss to make a late decision on him tomorrow. Djourou is in with a fighting chance with test results proving positive. Wilshere misses out too, but is improving and may feature against Udinese next week. Rosicky’s thigh is acting up, and will wait for tests results before determining his part in tomorrow’s game.

All this means that there is no natural left back for the match against Liverpool. Wenger may draft in Carl Jerkinson to play in that position, or he could go for the safer option of moving Vermaelen there, and place Squillaci or Djourou (provided he is fit enough) at center back. In the center of midfield, it is where the real concern is. As Arseblog points out, Rosicky, Diaby and Wilshere’s injuries along with Song’s suspension leaves Ramsey and Frimpong as the only first-team center midfielders.

This brings us back to the issue of reinforcement. Not wanting to sound like my mum telling me to clean up my house every time she comes around, but we do need to spend some money and get players in. The mass exodus of players have been met with the influx of young unproven players. Talented, hungry and INEXPERIENCED. The failings of the past 5 6 seasons should be more than enough remainder to Arsene that his core of first-teamers is not good enough to guide the youngsters to success.

However, 11 days left to the end of transfer window and still no signings. The only transfer news today has been Mancini confirming that a deal for Nasri may be concluded soon. Ah, finally, the end of the “Nasri Saga” is near. Great, now we’ve got ourselves an additional £25m in the warchest hell yea! Wait, what?! We already have close to £40m in there?



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