Man City offers Arsenal a spaceship for Nasri.


That would be so cool. If it was true. No, yes, I mean, no they are not offering us a spaceship. Yes, they are dealing with Arsenal. Reports have emerged that Man City are set to land 2010-2011 half-season hit wonder, Samir Nasri, for £25m. Bye bye Nasri.

Nasri refusal to sign an extension, along with him being in his last year, and inability to be consistent over the course of a season makes this a good deal. £25m is a good amount of money, putting all things into consideration. I will admit, his departure comes as a sigh of relief to me. An unhappy player is disruptive, and the sooner he goes the more time Wenger has to try and get replacements.

Which brings us to Wenger’s warchest, which consists of £40m at least, after the sale of Fabregas, and the soon-to-be-departed Nasri. He re-emphasised that he is willing to spend the money on players, but they have to be of quality. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Right. Sergio Aguero costed £37m, 3m less than what Wenger is “willing” to spend, and we did not hear of Wenger making any bids for him. If Aguero is not “quality” enough, then I am stumped as to what Chamakh qualifies as.

It is clear that we do need to spend. We need to reinvest the money we made from the sale of our out-going players. We need adequate, or better replacements for those exiting the club. This club is currently in a state where by it is worse off as compared to last season. 12 more days before the window closes and we can only wait since it is so Wenger-like to make last minute purchases.

The sooner the better too because Alex Song has been suspended for 3 matches. We are already without a like-for-like back up for Song so while it was expected, this is bad news. And if his moment of stupidity is going to be a frequent thing, we would need an additional back defensive midfielder. Frimpong, the only other player capable of playing in the spot is slated to take and stake his place in the first team. If he does start, it is his only his third 1st team game. He showed plently of hunger and energy against Udinese, but his inexperience showed in the freekicks he gave away. The youngster however says:

I’ve been training hard to get into the first team and now the boss has given me my chance to shine”, he said. “There’s always the possiblity when big players leave that you can get into the team and I hope that if I get my chance I will take it and show what I can do.”

Thats what we all hope so too. Along with some transfer signings by Wenger. Alright, till next time then.


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