Arsenal 1-0 Udinese, First win of the season!

Right, apologies for the late post, Bystander has a living to make so that he can eat and blog at the same time, *scoops cereals into mouth*. 

So, Arsenal made a flying start to the match. Theo Walcott scored the solitary goal of the match after 4 minutes.  Aaron Ramsey did well to keep onside before surging down the right channel and swinging in a cross for Walcott to turn in. It ought to have settled nerves, and provide the impetus to go on and secure the tie. Sadly that was not the case. Instead, Udinese and their captain Antonio Di Natale were dangerous at all times, and could have equalised, or even win the game. However, the sheer brilliance of the crossbar *drools* and Szczesny prevented that horrifying scenario from happening. Arsenal 1-0 Udinese highlights can be viewed here.

The team looked bereft of creativity, and the defense were at times disorganised. We certainly rode our luck yesterday, and if we continue to do so, expect Liverpool, Udinese and Manchester United to exploit our weaknesses in the following weeks to come. This is further compounded by yet another injuries to Gibbs, and Djourou. Both join the ever growing injury list, and are a doubt for Saturday’s match with Liverpool.

However, we won, we go into next week’s tie with a 1 goal advantage and we did not concede any away goals. Hence this is a situation we should be pleased with.  Unless UEFA decides to impose a ban on Wenger again, for using mobile phones to communicate with Pat Rice. This after they told Wenger it was okay. Conspiracy against Arsenal anyone?

In other news! Nasri shoots off again after an allegedly bogus Facebook account posed as him and claim that he is leaving Arsenal with bitterness. Nasri says:

“Just to make things clear I dont have a facebook so i never said i was leaving with bitterness the guy who said that use a fake account.”

So are you staying or what? Make up your mind and and tell the fans your decision already. Still don’t understand why Nasri can’t clarify his status in the club, but is more than willing to voice out his dissent. Am still of the opinion that he should be sold, using any funds from his sale to get other players in. Happy to agree to disagree with anyone who agrees to disagrees with me.

Gervinho’s appeal has been rejected, but thankfully his ban has not been extended. So 3 match ban it is. Let’s be grateful it isn’t more.

Robin van Persie, Captain of Arsenal 2011 - Present

Arsene Wenger has named Robin Van Persie as club captain. Good choice? I don’t know about the general consensus, but I feel on the pitch right now, only RVP has been playing his hearts out and seeing how he gave Diaby a lashing down at Blackpool last season, we all might agree this is the best temporal decision. Until he chooses to sit down after conceding a penalty and weep about life. Cue, Gallas. Vice-captain goes to Vermaelen. After they faced-off in the Ajax Cup, they are now working together, life works in a mysterious way. Considering all other players in the squad, I am inclined to think we have no other choices too. Sad state of Arsenal after the many great Capt’n aye?

The team has seen some departures today too. Eboue was sold to Galatasaray for €3.5million. Can’t say I would miss him after last season’s 90th minute guffaw at Liverpool. Carlos Vela and Predo Botelho are moving on loan to Real Sociedad and Rayo Vallecano respectively. Apparently, according to Young Guns, Wenger have told them both to perform consistently in the La Liga before they would be consider for Arsenal, hence the loan moves.

After so many departures, I am looking forward to see who is next replacing them. Till tomorrow champs!


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