Song charged, Cesc says sorry, Nasri rants at fans. Gervinho likely to appeal. No new signing.

It seems like when shit happens, they all occur at the same time. Hence we shall tackle the news reported as best as we can.

First off, Cesc says he is sorry to the Arsenal fans:

“I’m sorry I couldn’t say anything in the last two and a half months, Arsenal wouldn’t allow me to talk to anyone, even if I wanted to I couldn’t. I’m disappointed and upset about it because I have had a great relationship with the fans over the years. It took time to build this and I’m disappointed I could lose some of them.”

Much appreciated apologies, though it could be avoided if you choose to stay at Arsenal. Ha. Moving on, Arsenal FC and Song have been charged by the FA for failing to control their players and the stamp on Joey B*rton (Click for video) respectively. Song faces a 3 match ban and is likely to be charged considering the evidence against him. Wenger has also appealed against Gervinho’s red card. Not a smart move truth be told, he did slap Joey on the face (Click for video) after all. Highly unlikely to get the 3 match ban overturned. Fingers crossed the cunts at the FA don’t decide to increase the ban instead.

And when quizzed about Nasri, Man City executive chief Garry Cook says:

We always try not to disclose anything – obviously he’s still an Arsenal player and we need to respect that.”

Damn right he is, and after the Fabregas saga I reckon everyone associated with Arsenal FC would be glad to hear that there would be less drama. Until some of their players disregard Cook completely and start taking pictures of Nasri in their changing room that is.

Nasri did himself no favours, after having an outburst on his Twitter Account. He ranted at fans who were “disrespectful” by singing rude songs of him. Well chap, if you performed half as well as your mouth shoots off you did be mightily cheered like Fabregas was, up till the moment he left for Barcelona. Nasri, who may well stay should Wenger decides he can ill-afford to lose two of his best players, have certainly made his relationship with the fans a tenuous one. I say the best solution would be to sell him. Now.

On to transfer news, Wenger has denied being interested in Tevez and Jadson. Yeah, like how he had expected nobody to leave the club. Yet we are Fabre-less. Still, 14days left before the transfer window closes. I will keep my peace till then.

And for the big one tonight. Arsenal vs Udinese. These games are imperative. Not only due to the huge financial windfall it may bring, but also a tool that could be used to attract players from top leagues. Quality players would not be willing to join a team that is not playing in the Champions League.Failure, to say the least, would be horrifying and has serious repercussions.

Nasri and Robin Van Persie are both suspended for this tie. Rosicky is facing a late fitness test. Wilshere is injured. Wenger is suspended as well. Thus, the team would be without their manager tonight as well as many key players hence they need to be thoroughly prepared for Udinese. Reflecting on recent results, maybe not having Le Boss there would be beneficial instead. Depending on how we perform, we may see want-away Bendtner featuring. Udinese are also missing star man Alexis Sanchez, who was sold to Barcelona. At least the cunts did something right for us i guess. Pretty tough call to make, but considering the home factor, i would say Arsenal should do enough to eke out a win. And that’s your lot for today.! COME ON YOU GUNNERS!


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