Adios Amigo Cesc Fabregas. 2003-2011.

It is official, Arsenal has agreed to sell Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona. At a cut-throat price in my opinion. Look at the transfer market, PSG bought Pastore for £37m. Barcelona are paying £35m, with an additional £5m coming from Fabregas himself. A bloody crime it is. It is with sadness that we watch Fabregas leave. He did not achieve all that he could with Arsenal, his sole trophy being the FA cup won in 2005. For all his performances and statistics , he is unable to be labeled a “legend” due to his lack of trophies to back up the claim.

A player of Fabregas calibre was always going to attract attention, but if the club was ambitious or good enough, there is no reason why these players should want to leave the club until they have achieved all that is left to be achieved.

Which is why this transfer has also shown how much faith players have in Arsenal FC in recent time. Despite the fact that Barcelona placed less emphasis and urgency on the acquiring of Fabregas, and that Fabregas is going to take a pay cut at Barca, Fabregas still choose to join his old/new club ( it depends on your perspective). Fabregas left for pure footballing reasons, and that is to win trophies. Which is why I totally respect and understand his decision to leave. Unlike Nasri.

With the injection of an additional £35m from the sale of Fabregas, Wenger must reinvest this amount back into the squad. Wenger, hopefully is only keeping his cards close to his chest, and refusing to divulge information on who he is interested in. ( As shown in his claim that he is not interested in Jadson, only to have Shaktar Donetsk coach Mircea Lucescu say we are interest in him. ) A look on Saturday’s match, and you would realise that our bench were full of youngsters like Chamberlain and Frimpong. Hungry, perhaps, but being experienced and the ability to perform consistently at the highest level is a suspect. Thus the need for reinforcement, and fast. The season is already underway, and last Saturday’s match have revealed what we already known all along, that we are simply not good enough. We are now decidedly a weaker team as compared to the end of last season with Fabregas gone, and Nasri set to follow suit.

Players comes and goes, Vieira, Henry, Bergkamp. All these players jump straight to the mind when you think of quality players. They left, yet Arsenal still remains. Whether they have been adequately replaced is another matter to debate. We do sincerely wish Fabregas all best, until we meet him someday in the Champions League. Here is a compilation of all things I remember fondly of Fabregas, enjoy.


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