Who’s coming, who’s leaving?! More importantly, WHAT IS D-DAY?!

Today is potentially a day that could make or break our season. D-day could stand for lots of things. Dreaded-day. Destruction day. Deliverance day, Dick-Head-Traore Day. Sorry, I will name 28/08/11 as Dick-Head-Traore Day instead. No, today is technically Transfer deadline day. All businesses have to be done by 11pm, which is around 11hours or so, and any businesses concluded after 11pm has to be appealed and approved by the FA.

Before we get all excited and tweet non-stop about the zillion players linked for us, let me state that the most reliable website out there is Arsenal.com. So we may listen to the more reliable news networks, and hope that there is some truth in the report, but nothing more. Just 5minutes ago some spoof journalist twitter was going on about how Hazard handed in a transfer request to force a move through to Arsenal, and predictably, the whole net is probably buzzing now with this false news. The power of social media, ah. But sorry folks that is false, I repeat, false.

Mickey Bendtner is taking the piss again, and stating that there is a chance he may be staying, whereas Chamakh may be likely to leave on loan. Arseblog has always been relatively reliable, and if this is true, I wouldn’t be one of the unhappy few that he is staying. His scoring record, though not prolific, is decent for somebody who plays from the bench, and in last season’s case, out of position as well. I still feel he has something to prove, and with a change in his I-AM-KING attitude, may actually make something out of his career with Arsenal. However, despite all that has been said, Stokes are reportedly in talks with the Danish, and god bless him should he chose to go to those cunts. I will never forget how you broke Ramsey’s leg Shawcross, and how you robbed us of him for a season when he was actually impressing and starting to perform.

Park Chu-Young, the South Korean captain was officially unveiled yesterday by the club, and given the no.9 shirt, which is historically jinxed considering its past recipients. Jeffers, Reyes, Baptista, Eduardo….Jesus…. Well, eh, 5th time’s the charm aye? As said many times, he is 26 years old, and experienced, and should be seen more as a stop-gap measure. Chu-Young is liable for national service before the age of 30, and hence needs to return to Korea at the age of 28, giving him 2 and a half years with Arsenal, hence the 2 years contract. The ony way he can escape from this fate is to win something at the Olympics next year, and hope for an exemption just like his famous cousin, Park Ji-Sung. The Korean has voiced his happiness at joining the club, and said:

I’m really happy to be at Arsenal. In my opinion this is a great club. Now I have to show what I can do on the pitch. I will do my best, I will never give up, I will show heart and I will give everything I hope you will support me.”

As long as you stay true to your words, show that you play your hearts out for Arsenal, I am pretty sure majority of the fans would support you Ju-Young!

And on to new signings! Which Sagna is hoping to see after returning from international duties. We all are, we all are. Unfortunately, nothing has been reported on the Arsenal official site yet, so while we all wait tortuously for some news to make us cry in relief, here are some news that are being reported so as to garner a glimpse of hope in our bleak future given our dismal squad right now.

Andre Santos has officially joined Arsenal FC. Great, that’s one leftback problem solved, but who is gonna be his back up if Gibbs keeps getting injured? Hmm. Oh well let’s not spoil the mood! The player has stated how happy he is to be at Arsenal and says:

I am delighted to have signed for Arsenal. It was one of my dreams to play for a major European football club and I have accomplished this. I am very happy to be part of this team.

Next up! Our interest in Cahill has reportedly waned due to the exorbitant price Bolton placed on him. As I said yesterday, this may have led to our interest in Per Mertesacker, as the latter is coming at or with:

1) Cheaper Price,
2) Vast Experience (75 caps for Germany, has Champions League games under his belt), and
3) Height, which may help in defending against set pieces, something which has been kind of our Achilles Heel in recent seasons.

Skysports have reported that Per Mertesacker has agreed terms and passed a medical. I happen to rely on Skysports and Soccernet more as 50% of the time they are right. The other 50% is bullshit, as compared to the 70% by other papers like the Daily Star. Read this report by Daily Star to understand why. ( If you read it and you haven’t spot the rubbish, well, Chamakh arrived on a free and not for £15m, Pfffft ) So fingers crossed that this turns out to be true as well.

Last but not least, Manuel Vargas has also been linked with Arsenal. The only knowledge I have of him happens to be from Football Manager, and unless you agree with the game developers about his stats, he is an unknown quantity to me. However, no smoke without fire, and the smoke happens to be so thick right now we have to wonder whether there is some truth in this.  Happy for anyone to provide info on him and tell me how good he is if he does come to us!

Given the tight timeline, it can be argued that Mertesacker and Andre Santos would most likely be our last signings for this window, however, Wenger has always managed signings at the last hour, so hopefully we would have some nice surprises!

And that’s all I have at the moment, or rather the more concrete news so far! I would be hanging around my desk with beer to accompany me while I provide updates! Share your thoughts and views of the players so far, and subscribe too if you don’t want to miss out on the latest news!

So have a good day, and hopefully tomorrow’s post would be on the 100 new signings Wenger signed in the 11th hour!

Update: Per Mertesacker is set to join Arsenal finally, subjected to formalities!
Sunu and Joel Campbell has joined Lorient permanently and on a season loan respectively, while Lansbury has joined the Hammers for a season loan.


Andre Santos linked, while closing of transfer window beckons.

Good day mates, hope you guys have gotten over the hang over of our worst result in over a 100 year years. Today, we finally hear news of concrete departures and arrivals.

Firstly, let’s deal with our likely to be departed players.

Mickey Bendtner papa has said that talks are very good and his son is in with a high chance of leaving soon. I rate him higher than Chamakh, and it’s a shame that we played him out of position so much last season. Scoring 45 goals in 157 appearances, we thank him for the goals, and wish him luck should his transfer out of Arsenal materialises.

Traore’s departure has been confirmed for £1.5 million, to QPR. Apparently it is the same amount we paid for him, so good deal in my opinion! Good riddance, you awful player.

With the departure of our back-up leftback, in comes Brazilian first choice left back at the moment, Andre Santos, from Fenerbache for £6m. I have never seen him or heard of him before, but to be selected for Brazil gotta count for something? Furthermore he is also 28 years-old, and brings a vast amount of experience, which frankly, is what Arsenal is in dire need of. Apparently he is having a medical today, hope to hear more news on this later today, fingers crossed.

Another player linked with us is Per Mertesacker, the german defender from Werder Bremen. Reports in French are surfacing that we are signing him for £6m, however, Bremen general Manager has Klaus Allofs has denied any deal, and says that no offers have been made. However, there can be no smoke without fire, so there may be genuine interest in the player. Furthermore, moves for Cahill has quieten down and it may be likely that Wenger has switched his attention to cheaper and attainable targets. I saw Mertesacker play before, great in the air, no-nonsense defender, and may be what we just need in defense.

Finally, Park Chu Young has more or less confirmed his arrival, and said why he chose Arsenal. Not a prolific striker, with 26 goals from 103 appearances, but with Chamakh due to go for the African Cups at end of the year, and Bendtner set to be leaving, any strikers would be welcomed. Hopefully this turns out to be one of Wenger’s astute signings. However, it must be noted that Chu-Young is liable for national service, and due to return to Korea in 2013 to perform military service. Hence this may be a stop-gap measure by Wenger, as the Korean may only be available for two years.

Finally, the cunt Nasri has spoken out that Arsenal did offer him a new contract, which he rejected, as HIS ADVISERS wanted another clause in his new contract, which Arsene felt was to our disadvantage. He said many unpleasant things, and I am not about to pick tooth with some cunt who needs his agent to tell him what kind of deal he should have. Grow up baby cunt. However, he did mention one thing we should note, and that was:

Arsenal remains a big club, but the building of Emirates Stadium changed a lot of things. It has changed the ambitions, so far. But it is not Arsene Wenger, it is the club’s politics, the officials.

Well, so maybe the season inactivity is not due to Wenger’s reluctance to spend, but the board’s. The bloody cunts.  After many years of scrimping by Wenger when the one year he wants to spend you restrict him?!

So that’s it for today! I’m pretty sure there would be more news tomorrow, and it has got me rather excited! So if you want to be kept in the scope, leave a comment, share your thoughts, and subscribe now! Good’day!

Update: Per Mertesacker is undergoing a medical today for Arsenal!

Sunday mid-noon Horror Flick. Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal.

Good day folks. I hope you guys enjoyed yesterday afternoon’s horror film of the century, Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal, starring Rooney and Gang. It was epic, with scenes being played out accordingly. Goal by Welbeck 1-0Goal by Young 2-0, Goal By Rooney 3-0, Goal By Walcott 3-1 Goal By Rooney 4-1, Goal By Nani 5-1Goal By Park Ji Sung 6-1, Goal by Van Persie 6-2, Goal By Rooney 7-2, Goal by Yound 8-2 can be found by clicking on the names. Still trying to get the other videos like Van Persie’s penalty miss, and match highlights, so meanwhile, match report is available over here at Arseblog News.

This is not a winning-eleven picture.

It has been more than 100 years since we shipped in 8 goals, and allowed ourselves the biggest loss ever under Wenger. Needless to say, this is ridiculous and painful. I have been following Arsenal since a kid, and nothing has hurted me as much as yesterday’s horror showing at Old Trafford, that I allowed myself a tear at the end of the final whistle, both from relief that the beating stops, and at the way we allowed ourselves to capitulate to Manchester United.

I have been relatively optimistic when it comes to this young team. Even yesterday I was sure we could come away with a win. I am starting to doubt myself. So bad. However, I will still save my criticism till transfer window closes in 2 days. Yes that’s right, 2 days before the damn window closes.

Yesterday’s performance was woeful. The defense was porous, Djourou seems to be deproving, Kosieclny average without Vermaelen to guide him, Jerkinson understandably poor due to his inexperience and Traore, the poor performing player that nobody wants to buy him after we tried to sell him for nearly two season. The twat was even chewing gum during the match. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO CONCENTRATE WITH GUM IN YOUR MOUTH YOU CUNT?

However, the backfour are not to be blamed for all the goals. In two of Rooney’s freekick, the wall did not even jump to put Rooney off, and both times the ball went in. This is a basic routine, to jump when a freekick is taken, but even after the first goal, Arsenal did not seem to learn its lesson the first time round and, well, they got punished again in the second.

We were also not helped by our 3rd red card in as many league games. This time, the culprit was Jerkinson. The ill-discipline issue has been discussed many times, but it does not seem to be heeded. Even though the game was dead and buried at that time, but seeing how decimated our squad is already, another suspension is not welcomed.

And the fault is partly the board’s and Wenger’s. Why have we allowed ourselves to be in a situation whereby youngsters plying their trades in League One last season ended up playing against Manchester United yesterday? In defense, we have allowed our first-choice left back to leave, and hoping to replace him with Gibbs, who has been injury prone, and his back up Traore, a player we have been trying to sell for nearly 2 seasons. In right back, our back up player Eboue has left, and replaced by a kid who was only playing League One last season.

The defeat has highlighted the distinct difference in quality between Arsenal and the reigning champions. We do need reinforcements urgently, and Wenger may say that signings may not be the answer to everything, but his current squad have just shown how good they are against Manchester United. 8-2.  He even attempted to push the blame onto our 8 players out from suspension and injuries. Even though we had 8 players out yesterday, how many of those 8 players would have been considered as quality players?

Even if they were playing yesterday, we cannot expect them to be playing every game this season. We need adequate back ups, and players who are able to inject some freshness to this ailing team. A look at our bench yesterday, and as I said, any opponents would be laughing their pants off. We have absolutely no quality from the bench. Most the players on the bench yesterday wouldn’t even be known to anyone in the streets of London, and even Arsenal fans might struggle to name the players. Hopefully we will see some new signings, fast, soon, please.

To end on a positive note, we must salute the away fans yesterday. The 3000-odd supporters who out-sang the Man Utd supporters for 15minutes. You guys simply did us proud, and this has been acknowledged by even the players themselves, namely the Captain Van Persie and Jacky Wilshere.

For the truly upset fans, here’s another way to deal with it. Switch team. No! Not to Man Cunteh, we are Gunners, obviously it is Arsenal we are supporting, but the ladies team! No fear of such humilation, after all, the ladies have won the league! Hahah, how’s that for positive thinking?

Have a good day mates, and more beers too, we all need it.

Update: If you are one of the away fans at Old Trafford,, Arsenal FC has offered to reimburse you another away ticket in the future. Good on you folks, you guys deserved it, and credits to the Club for doing something right.

Manchester United Vs Arsenal Preview, and screwing Lille over Park Chu Young.

Morning mates! Apparently rumours  are flying around that Too ( his name sounds  like “too”, maybe that is why Wenger bought him, TOO YOUNG? OKAY YOU FIT IN WITH MY PLANS JOIN THE WENGER KIDDY TEAM. ) Chu Young, from Monaco is on his way to the Arsenal, and having a medical soon. This after he had a first medical with Lille already, and so close to joining Lille on a permanent basis. Hahaha. Any chance of Lille doing business with us for Hazard you guys reckon? Bye bye Hazard.

I have stated that we do need a striker, numerous times indeed. However, what I wished for is a proven and prolific striker, someone who can step up and take over Van Persie’s mantle. Chu Young’s stats from Monaco website reads at a total of 103 appearances, and 26 goals, 12 of which came  in the Ligue 1 last season. Not exactly the best of strikers aye?

So while I am happy at another signing, I will remain skeptical until he proves himself in the Premier League. This is no time to be signing players that needs time to adapt to the league. Supporters are disgruntled, and we want trophies. We would not be so willing to accept that our players were not able to perform because they are still adapting to the league. Then damn well go out there and buy the players that are already effective in the Premier League! Reckon we would hear something later today about this with 3 days left in the transfer windows.

We have also drew League 2 Shrewsbury Town in the Carling Cup, great, more chances to see our upcoming youngsters given a run out. Lucky us I suppose.

Joel Campbell has also lost his application for a special talent visa. Quite how the FA works I won’t understand. Miyaichi, uncapped for Japan = special talent. Joel Campbell full Costa Rica international player = Not good enough. ?!?!?! Jesus. Am not sure whether Wenger would appeal, but the youngster is set for a good long loan away from Arsenal. Fucking FA cunts.

For the game later this afternoon! The game against Manchester United at Old Trafford, so far no news on the availability of Vermaelen.  The usual suspects Wilshere, Gibbs, Squilaci and Diaby are still out. Sagnal is allegedly sick.  Song, Frimpong and Gervinho are suspended. This match could see afew of our youngsters feature should any one on the pitch get injured later. According to Young Guns, Francis Coquelin is in line to take Song’s and Frimpong position and start tonight. Lansbury, Miquel, Traore, Sunu and Ozyakup are on the bench. Not sure how accurate is this, but if the report is true, then this is a bench that is sure to inspire joy in our opponents. Hence I predict the team to look like this:

Szczesny, Traore, Jerkinson, Djourou, Koscielny, Ramsey, Rosicky, Coquelin, Walcott, Arshavin, Van Persie.

The team has been truly decimated by injuries and suspension. Hence it is important to maintain our discipline. Red cards has costed us precious points in the first two games. Manchester United against Arsenal has always been a fiery event. Tempers will rise, so will studs. It is up to Robin van Perise, as skipper, to cool down the squad, and make sure that there are no stupid tackles or hitting of opponents. This fact is not lost on Wenger, who agrees that our stupidity has been costing us some points.

Manchester United are the current Champions, their team are strengthened, whereas we lost 2 key players so far, and our first choice left back. We are decidedly weaker. But if we play the pressing game, maintain the discipline, we should be able to give Manchester United a hard time.  Furthermore, we were the best away team last season, even without Fabregas and Vermaelen, and the statistics don’t lie. Arsenal is more than competent enough to compete with on a level playing field with Manchester United, and should aim to win this game.

Winning might kick start our season, and give the players the motivation they all need. This might be just the start of the season, but by not winning we are allowing title competitors like Man Cunteh, Chelsea and Liverpool to pull further ahead of us. We do not need this scenario. It is best to keep up and pull ahead as soon as possible. Losing should not be an acceptable result. So no matter who is put out on the pitch, they have to give their 200%, and make sure the devils bleed tears at their home ground.

That’s all for today! Leave your views and thoughts, and subscribe to my blog so that you will receive the latest posts, news and videos as soon as they are available!  Ciao! COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

The latest transfer in! No one. 4 days left for Some one. Who will be The One?

"I am, The One" - Neo from matrix

So little days left, and so much news, but zero purchases. Who will be The One? No not Neo though it would be awesome if we got a player like Neo who could matrix his way past John Terry, kick in his groin along the way, and proceed to score a goal. Damn, that would indeed be super quality player.

A day of rumours flying everywhere but nothing confirmed for arrivals. Not a fan of needless speculations hence I will only talk about deals which are more or less true.

The latest bid heard for has been £6m-£7million for Gary Cahill, which has been dismissed by Owen Coyle, claiming it was laughable. However, Wenger has refuted them and said that we offered more than what was quoted.

That number is completely wrong. If Gartside can say I am lying I am ready to confront him.. You can believe Gartside or you can believe me. It’s not right. It’s not the truth.

However, what is certain is that the bed was below £16m, as that is the price Owen Coyle is willing to sell at. Bollocks, for a defender in his last year, that is really alot of nerve by the Bolton’s manager. Knowing Wenger, he might do a Chamakh and wait till next season before signing Cahill on a free instead. I reckon we might hear more on this soon and don’t believe that we should pay anything above £13m.

Another player reportedly being followed is Eljero Elia, who plys his trade for Hamburg in Bundesliga. Don’t know him, never seen him. Apparently Hamburg might be willing to sell as his performance is below-par right now. Can’t understand what is the appeal of that if he is rubbish at the moment. Furthermore he is a winger, and seeing the amount of wide men we have at our disposal right now , even if this deal does not happen, I couldn’t care less.

That’s all I have heard for now. Wenger has spoken the need for at least 2-3 players, and understand they are necessary to compete with Manchester United for the title. Let’s not discount Chelsea and Man Cunteh too. We are also on the lookout for a striker, as Le Boss reckons that Bendtner would find a club before the window closes, and we are short on striker. I happened to be of the opinion yesterday that we do need one more striker, especially if Gervinho and Chamakh are going to the African Cups come year end. So I am waiting eagerly to see who would be arriving. Wonders why we did not bid for Aguero or Falcao though.

There has been some team updates by Wenger. Koscielny and Djourou are back, while the usual injured parties Wilshere, Diaby, Gibbs and Squillaci are still out. Vermaelen is also a doubt, and due to take a test tomorrow . Gervinho, Song and Frimpong are out through suspension. Just add one injured keeper to the list above and we could set up a team and participate in the Injured-And-Suspended-First-Team-Players league.

Vermaelen’s has been a stand out in defense so far and makes one wonder what might have been if he was available last season. His presence would be missed if he does not make the team but more news on that tomorrow.

Finally, Young Guns reported that Joel Campbell is set to find out whether his work permit application has been approved and has his chances rated at 50-50. If he doesn’t get approved something must be wrong with the powers that be. This lad is a full international for Costa Rica while Miyaichi hasn’t even played one team for Japan. But it would be typical of the powers that be to be inconsistent. We shall find out tomorrow as well.

All said, tomorrow promises to be full of news, and there would be the Manchester vs Arsenal preview! So share your thoughts mate, and click on the subscribe button below if you want to receive the latest news and posts!  Have a good Saturday mates!

Update: Arsenal is reported to be signing Park Chu-Young, a striker from Monaco. We have also drawn with Shrewsbury Town for the Carling cup.

Tricky Champions League Group, 5 days left for any transfer mayhem.

The Champions League draw for Arsenal was made yesterday and we were handed a tricky group with Marseille, Olympiakos and Borussia Dortmund.

Dortmund are last seasons Bundesliga champions with a huge lead, Olympiakos were Champions of the greek league as well. Marseille were runners-up in the French league.  It would be premature to make predictions on how we are going to fare right now seeing that the squad is still tentative, with the transfer window still open. However, based on our current squad, I’d say it would be a fight between Marseille, Arsenal and Dortmund.

On the transfer front, not much news though speculations are mounting as the closing date draws nearer. However, Club Secretary David Mills said:

I think that you’ll appreciate I can’t exactly give you specifics but certainly everyone is committed. If there’s quality players to be brought in I’ve got every faith in Arsene Wenger that he’ll do so. As you rightly say we’ve got just under a week. I’ve been involved myself in some last minute transfers so until the window actually closes I think that we’re still open for business.”

It is worrying to hear nothing concrete with so short time left, but it has been fairly typical of Arsenal for a few seasons running to buy at the last minute. If the staffs say they are working on it, then all we can do is trust them and get behind the team hoping to spur them on..

With at least 50m, I am pretty sure Arsene is able to find quality players. They may not be in the Messi / Ronaldo league, but good enough to be in just-arrived-at-Arsenal-Arshavin quality players. The win against Udinese has done nothing to dispel the notion that we are not good enough. Against Udinese, the defense was worried many times by a 32 year-old forward, and I believe that an additional defender is needed.

Against Udinese, Sagnal was utilised as the left back, while Jerkinson filled in for him at right back. This is really a worry, what if Sagnal got injured, who would be left to deputised in the left back position? Traore is rated poorly, considering we gave a debut to Jerkinson instead of him, Gibbs has been too injury-prone to make the left-back slot his own. A new left back, and another center back would be welcomed in my opinion.

The center of midfield is also looking treacherously thin. Wenger may give the o’cock & bull story about how Diaby and Wilshere recovery from injuries are going to be like new signings but they are not enough. Hopefully we will hear more news on this front.

This time last year, a new keeper was being clamoured for by all quarters. However, Szczesny, our stand-out performer so far has quieten those calls. He has insisted that the team is behind the boss. It is a good thing to hear as harmony = good morale = better performance. With all the drama gone by now, the team ought to be stable and able to focus on the tasks at hand. And the next task is against Manchester United. More on that on match day.

In other news, Frimpong has been selected for England U-21, despite pledging allegiance to Ghana. I would prefer it if Fabby does call him up to the senior squad so as to prevent Frimpong from going to the Africans Nation Cups come year end. However it is complicated as Ghana can still call Frimpong up, so it all depends on the choice of Frimpong.

That’s all for today, see you tomorrow chummpies!